Father's Day 2013

June 17, 2013
BY Moses Mang

What does it mean to you? To me, it means a day to commemorate the day of all the wonderful fathers that everybody should be elated to have. Not only that, but it’s a day to get closer with your father. But what exactly is a father? A multitude of people would just blandly say,” A man who marries a woman, or has a child.” However, to me, that is just a simple statement; a simple scrape at the top of the barrel. Fathers mean much more than that, and are more than that. Fathers are the reason of your existence. Without a father, there would be no life. Every child, and person, should cherish his or her fathers dearly. 

Anyone who takes his or her father just for granted is gravely mistaken. Everyone must know how important the role of a father is. A father is there to support the entire family. Doing everything can. From washing the dishes, to helping the child with homework, to skipping a day of work to accompany his sickly child. Being a father may not be the easiest task in the world. It is understandable if a father makes a folly here and there. But a good father would take charge of the household, and not be a hypocrite. A proper father would talk to his children daily, and make sure they are satisfied. A father would care for his wife, care for his children, and become a good role model for his own children, and any other child that witnesses his actions. An exemplary father would keep his children on the road of just, and not allow them to straw away from that path. 

No matter what, a father should place his family above himself. 
The many things that I distinguish to make a healthy father would most definitely describe my own father, Hre Mang. My father takes care of his family, not only in his household, but his brothers, sisters, and other family in different locations. Even through many hardships, he still cares for his entire family, and will love them through thick and then, never being hesitant of his love. I proclaim that my father is an admirable father. 

He loves everyone, and I’ve never witnessed any kind of ridicule to anyone. My dad always has a calm and collected mind, never showing any sort of emotion that would show any malevolent or rude behavior. I would not be embarrassed or contrite to saw that it would be good if more fathers would behave like my own. He shows great determination to prove his family he is a very honorable father, and very worthy of the title.

I am not crestfallen when I say,” Hre Mang is my father.” I show no signs of shame, only speaking the truth. My father is a great father that I love very dearly, as do my mom, and my brother. 
Through all the 12 years of my life, I show great gratitude in all of the times my dad would console me if I showed a slight sign of dissatisfaction. No matter how much of a nuisance I would be, and how much trouble and stress I would cause, my father would still care enough to help me and get my worries rid of. 

The man named ‘Hre Mang’ is my father, who profoundly loves me, and I love him back to a great extent. As much as my father loves me, I try my best to return all the love. Hopefully, anyone can tell the love of my father, and either become a great father like him, or marry a wondrous man like him.

By Moses Mang
6th Grader