The Joy of War Pain

The Joy of War Pain Part I:
Spiritual War-Flesh, Satan, and Spirit
 Feb 22, 2010

As much as the Lord draws me closer to Him, the reflection of the Light unveils more of my own sins,

The closer I am to Him, the more I am informed, the greater the responsibility, and the greater fear of failing to meet the demand of His grace. Having seen such mighty revelation, no one but me would still fail to response accordingly. What amazing is His grace and how depraved my mind and my whole being! The open opportunity with amazing power brought to me a great responsibility and I still feel my body is dead, immovable! What holds me back, what ties me still? I am like a still born baby with a day-dream!


The war is increasing and closing to its end, and the greatest manifestation ahead! Invisible war but inconceivable! In a war commend room; there are names, the names of the generals, the past heroes, the captains, and so on! Abraham, Daniel, David, Peter, Paul, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Spurgeon, etc, on the wall, I bowed down my head and kissed the floor but there was no one to pick my hands up! I heard a voice like a thunder, “In this war, no timid shall  be given a chance to fight, take up the sword, the helmet, the breastplate, the belt, the shield, and the boot, stand up and go! You have been given all essential equipments!”


Outside the commend center, the enemies roar like legions of hungry lions! Devouring billions of the strong, the rich, the wise, the fat, the ugly and the good ones! Awe! Awe! I said, “How would I go, I am not trained for this kind of war!” No voice, but only the echo “No timid shall be given a chance to fight!” Tilting my head, my eyes were caught by an ancient writing on the wall, “This is on-battle-training”, meaning while fighting you will be trained. The strong win blew in and out of the command center room and the pictures on the wall were almost falling down. I closed my eyes and ears and hardly hit my forehead on the floor, but I still heard multitude of voices saying, “We been wounded but healed and strong, you now walk the walk, that

Salvation is of the Lord. It is easier to control a moving bicycle than a standing one.”


I walked outside and looked the battle fields; millions waiving hands and passing by, the echoes of crying souls filled the darken environment. The darken sky echoes the roars of the hungry lions. Shook my head and looked down the deep dungeon; there heads of the nations, and empires, Babylon, Persia, Greek, Roman, Britain, etc. waiting for the fiercest final manifestation of the war, and shouting “the modern warfare is much more sophisticated.” Turning my head toward the sign where it said, “Contemporary warfare”, there billions being swallowed by giant colorful serpents that those colors symbolize different things, such as “freedom”, “human rights”, “sexual freedom”, “religions”, “modernism”, “humanism,” “relativism”, “peace and tolerant,” etc. I uncontrollably shouted, “Those are things human highly valued”. Voice from the dungeon said, “Those serpents have two heads and one is always hidden”.


I knelt down and looked upward; there are heroes of the past, whose names were written on the wall of the command center, sitting beside the commander-in-chief, and preparing for the final battle to smash the serpent and the ground! Angels, Michael, Cherubim, Seraphim, holding signs that says “The Ultimate Kingdom”, they look like they are on their way toward the earth! Signaling me, “You have only a little time, take up the war uniforms and go”. I am now fully equipped, empowered, fleshly crucified, being burn with fire that the torch touches my lips, and the shield the sword on my hands, the helmet, the breastplate, the boot , the belt already tied up! The war trumpet is sounding loud and the lion like enemies roaring; the war is harsh and heading toward its final full scale manifestation that is the elimination of the enemy forces as predicted two thousands years ago!


There will be a few more wars with multitude of casualties, a little more baptism, little more weddings, a few more funerals, and a short period of trouble time! A few more tears and a few more martyrs! Then the trumpet will be heard and our Lord will appear. Awe!  Fight the good fight and keep the good faith! Everything is at hand! Then the music shall begin and the Ultimate Kingdom will be unveiled. This is our time, this is our joy, lets fight the fight that is worthy of our Master and Commander-in-Chief! Amen
Dancing With The Wolfs:  Untill the Last War
April 2010


As long as the Sun rises from the east and keeps going down the west,

As long as the sheeps, the goats, the lions and the wolfs all together occupy the land,

As long as the good, the bad, and the ugly still walk along the path,

As long as the sea roars, and the mountains’ survival depends at the mercy of the explosive lava,

We are and will be still dancing with the wolfs, some as preys, some as friends, and some as foes!


As desinged by the ultimate Desinger, until the end of time, the darkness hovers the battle field,

The darkness portrays, hovering over the surface of the earth, depicting objects in their opposite reality,

In some occasions, the uprights as maytyrs, the wicked ones like merciful, the culprits as heroes, so on.

As long as the twists and turns of history still remains at the hand of the alliances of the dark power,

As long as the ultimate Designer holds His breath and extands the time of test untill the last judgement day!


Wars and rumors of wars, climate change and the threat of the extinction of human race,

The natural disasters, melting of the ice mountain, the rise of global temparature, the flood and the drough,

The power of the modern weapons that can destroy the whole earth within less than an hour,

Incurrable diseases that kill people more than the casualties of the first and second world wars combine,

The immoralities, abortion of millions of unborn child, the priest sex scandals; the sum of all evils unveiled


The inability of human intelligent to govern itself threats the future of the earth and her habitats,

The failure of human reason to discover all sources of forces and causes tells us the uncertain furture,

The clashes of human stupidity and ambition during the two World Wars or the New York Market crash,

The increase of knowledge that puffs up human pride and skill to manupulate facts to gratify human curiousities,

The increase of crimes, victims of crimes, jail inmates, casualties, and popular modern godless cultures;

Are not all signs of the end time?


When you breathe, there is potential chemical contaminated and polluted airs,

When you drink, there is high potential chemical contaminated water,

When you go to the mall, there are shop lifters, thifts, deceivers, marketers hunting their preys,

When you think, there are evil thoughts constantly knocking the door of your mind,

When you politick, human manupulators, accusers of their brothren, to prey their fellow humans,



The church sex scandals, human trafickings, drugs and explosive modern godless cultures,

The diminishing role of the law of God and man centered trend of social evilution in modern society,

The rapid growth of human population and money centered economic system, downgrading human values,

The dramatic modern technology that increases the posibility of total destruction of the earth at one climpse!

The world is ready for the final War, weapons, people, hourses and vultures, all line up at the final gate!




A little more time to dance with the wolfs, a few more wars to fight, a few more pains and gains,

Then, what was said 2000 years ago might possibily come true, the appearance of the Owner of our world!

The world is ready to see one person from all parts of the world and from all walks of life!

That day will be joyous for some but horible for the rest; it will be the Day of the Lord!

Dancing with the wolfs, extending hands to the perishing, watch our your setps!



All these things confirm what was foretold two thousand years ago that increases our confidence in the imminent future! The coming of the One, who made all things for His purpose, to sum up human history!

He who lives beyond the scope of time, reason, and ecosystem, the ultimate Owner, Sustainer, Manager, and President of the universe! His day is coming! If He does’t come, he must be a fool and a liar! But He is not, His comming is imminent!

The day is coming when your reality will be releaved:

  • Where you heart rests all days,
  • What occupies the inner most of your being,
  • What your soul desires the most,
  • The ultimate purpose of your existence and action on earth,
  • Whose glory you been seeking on earth,
  • Your ultimate joy,
  • The different between what you do in public and in secret,
  • And finaly declare your eternal place, whether it be with God and with Satan for eternal damnation


There are two ultimate final destinations where everyone is heading: heave or hell.


For now, let’s enjoy the joy of war pain, the path of victory!

For He who is within us is greater than he who is in the world!





The enemy is cunning, his appearance hard to recognize, and his tool a lovely flesh!  

King Saul could not kill David; Goliath could not kill David,

But David failed to the woman that David was safer in the café then in the palace!

The multitude of Palestine soldiers could not kill Samson but Delilah did!

Gehazi was saved from Assyrian armies, but the gift from Naaman cost him leprosy!



But God’s weapon of wisdom, amazingly wonderful!

The fall of Adam uplifted mankind to divine sonship!

Jacob’s children’s sinful act was used to make Joseph the prime minister of Egypt.

The strength of Goliath was a tool to proof His might working in David!

The Devil One’s hand on the cross was turned as means to deliver mankind!