100 Days Collection from Facebook Daily Words

100 days collection of Daily Words from Facebook

17 march 2010


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1.      Corrupted Mind (CM) vs. Broken heart(BH): Corrupted Mind-cruel, cunning, lying, critical, defensive, selfish, judgemental, condeming and condemned, insecured, destructive to soceity, and for repair, devine intervention needed; Broken heart-easily crying, soft, humble, pitiful, easily cured/reconstructed and when it turns to divine, it is an aroma to God: either one is yours! Destructive or aroma to society.


2.      A city reflects the collective morale of her citizens, and the political leaders represent the common mindsets of their people, and human smile reflects the moral beauty of the human soul! So, smile your best! Show your beauty to the world! And enjoy your smile! Enjoy your world! This is your God-given one!


3.      Relationship 101: Always keep focus the end goal of your communication whether it be written, verbal or body language that all of them are the means, trying to transfer knowledge, feeling, or attitude, etc. The means should never destroy the end goal that is foolishness. Many times, feeling causes the means to destroy the end goal of communication, which is building up relationship. But never build up a relationship at the cost of fundamental life principles and your faith in Christ, rather, helping and drawing others live with Christ-like life principles.


4.      What you enjoy reflects your inside! What do you enjoy? Your self, helping others, accusing/blaming others, or nothing! The best man can enjoy is God, whom every human soul desires deep down. Until one enjoys God, (s)he will always be wondering in search of object to quench the thirst of his/her soul! Find Jesus, your soul will thirst no more, that all other things are means, not the end!


5.      Fix your end goal of life at the purpose of your Creator, only then, your happiness, success, and meaning of life shall be unshakable by what happens to you and what others do! Because, He is the controller, sustainer of the universe system and everything within and without it, within the context of and beyond time and reason! So find Him! He is the only Way you can reach maximum potential on earth and beyond.


6.      Friday prayer: Lord, employ my heart to love what you love and hate what you hate!


7.      A gentle reminder- you are the only one responsible for your own happiness. The battle is fought in the mind and your outward life is like a podium where you demonstrate the result of the battle. Make sure you declare your victory every moment!There are two directions of desires: first, the evil one desires glory that is not due to him; second, the holy one, that Jesus left His glory while on earth, emptied Himself, gave away His life and glory to save many. Which way your desire goes tells you who the monitor of your heart is!


8.      Most common mistake in prayer is that people always ask blessings for wrong reason; in stead, one has to pray for transforming life (heart and mind) into the likeness of Jesus the Son, to like what He likes, to love what He loves, to enjoy what He enjoys, and hates what He hates. For we all the children of God have been given matchless richness in Christ, so, unvieling them is the process!


9.      One day, my friend told me, "If you write, make sure you spell correctly." I was joking with him, "Yea, whenever I go back to my writing, I hardly find a page without typo error but I want my reader to practice their proof reading and editing skill".

-Lessons for me:

 i) Never hide your mistake, rather learn from them;

ii) Never be defensive, even when you know you are right, respect others' opinion,

iii) Welcome criticism, they always teach you something;

-Lessons for my friend-

i) The closer and deeper you know a person, more mistakes and failures you discover,

ii) Never join the devil one by acussing and condenming,

 iii) Be constructive to other, building each other up.


10.  Not what others do but your (re)action determines your future that's within your control.Therefore, never be bothered by beyond your control and responsibility. And know how to enjoy the best of what is given to you!


11.  The global social evolution is heading toward a godless society, where and when one's god is his/her own self: If you live by the dictates of your own self whether it be from mental impulses or intellectual stimulation or self drawn life principles, then your god is your self; to whom you submit your self is your god! And as a society, the collective end goal becomes godless common happiness of all!


12.  What goes out of your mouth reflects what's inside you; if hatred and accusation, there is a great possibility that you are an agent of Satan whose name means "accuser". Rather, as children of peace and light, let your whole being be an honorable agent of divine love and peace, influencing others to love and care, reflecting God’s attibutes in actions!


13.  Wisdom, the application of knwoledge to enjoy life within the context of the Cteator and creatures, and of time and reason!



14.  Way to calculate your political worth (PW): Your PW equal to your total contribution to society minus (your total damage to the society plus your total hindrences to the good chances of others if in your absences). Way to calculate your political ignorance (PI): PI equal to the total sum of political knowledge of the global politics of all times minus (the sum of knowlege you think you know about politics minus the sum of your knowledge that you do not know means to know that are not true political knowledge) :) :)


15.  We now live in a global village; technology has helped us break the barrier of distance; history has left us broken walls, such as the China Great Wall, the Berlin Wall, the walls of Empires, its time for us to break the walls within us that hinder free acess to each other and the flow of divine love! Its time for you and me to shine to the darken world, enlightening the hearts of the people.



16.  The ultimate controler and sustainer of the universe system, the perminent president of all kings and nations, the ultimate source of all power and authority is the Creator, Designer, and the Originator Himself- God! And I am one of His little servants!


17.  If you live today for physical existence, which is the means, then you will definitely miss the end goal of life, which is to "glorify God".


18.  Cows live by grass, but men by words!


19.  Spending too much on means that costs more than the end is insanity!


20.  I now learn how to enjoy things the most my flesh nature (heart) hates!


21.  Consider life as a football game which you play inside the ground, with millions of spectators, would you ever slumber and take a nap while people are watching? Remember, God is watching and recording every move you make!

22.  You die everyday to live for eternity or you live today to die for eternity!


23.  When people say "the Sun goes down", its not the Sun that goes down but the rotation of the earth that turns back the Sun! Likewise, when people felt the absence of God, it’s not God who was away but the hearts of the people that turned away from God! God is omnipresent; if you don't experience His holy presence, you have to check your own heart. May be sin is darkening your spiritual eyes.


24.  If a dead relative rose again everyone, may be except a woman who got married right after the death of her husband, would celebrate: Now, you have God, life, relationship, food/shelter, health and opportunity, why not celebrate them? Let's celebrate and enjoy life to glorify God! Amen!


25.  I was once one of them whose minds were darken but now the light of the Son of God enlightened me, becoming part of the light of the World!


26.  Today is a new day and "Now" occurs only once.Use it and enjoy it in away that will bear fruits for eternity! Staying away from thoughts, words, and deeds that will bring you shame and pain in the future! There is a place where everything is recorded, your pain, your joy, your tears and your labor! Nothing is in vain!


27.  Evening prayer: Lord, I see no hindrence on your way of revealing your self to the world thru me but my own iniquities and short comings! Burn me and purify me Lord!


28.  Evening prayer: Lord, humble me!


29.  Those who live for God and serve others do not have time to complain and, moverover easily forgive and forget what others might have caused harm and hurt in their lives!


30.  Immersing into the politics of Jesus, which is far deeper, meaningful, joyful, and lasting, full of hope, painful but purging, holier, honorable, and most predictable than worldly politics!


31.  Beware of things (thoughts) that occupy the most space in the minds that are not the most important things in life that those things should never be allowed to distract your focus on the most important things in life that determine your future!


32.  To whom you are accountable determines your attitude, thought, word, and action!


33.  Heart is the most deceitful but most trusted by most of the people!


34.  Choose your way: be a brother of the devil one, the accuser, by accusing others; or be a brother of the Helper, Saviour, and Redemeer, by doing what He commanded, loving and seving one another.


35.  A fool thinks nothing exist beyond his comprehension!


36.  The problem of the country Burma is rooted in spiritual, rather than superficial political action!


37.  It is impossible for a creature's mind to contain the whole thing about his creator but only the limit of information the creator himself reveals to His created being!


38.  Time constantly adds happiness to my being that makes everything related to me enjoyable!


39.  Live, spiritually, as though now is your last minute on earth!


40.  Do not travel 11 days travel distance for 40 years (Deut.1:2):Due to impatient, murmuring, and complaint; instead, enjoy your God and your life every moment.


41.  If you don't like or enjoy the fruits you are reaping today, check the seed you sowed!


42.  The greatest discovery for me so far in my life is the discovery of God's image in me! Haven't you, dear friends?


43.  Never allow others' action dictates your (re)action!


44.  Enjoy your relationship; your God, your family members, friends, co-workers, and even to whom you say only the first time 'Hi' somwhere! You only have once this day! It’s your choice! Choose to enjoy every relationship!


45.  If you are allowed to spend 15 minutes in heaven now, what would you do? You might ask some questions to Jesus, right? But now, your 15 minutes is on earth, your time will never come back, You can only live once! Spend now wisely and choose the best! Keep enjoying your God which is the only thing will continue forever, even after this life!


46.  The more the worldly things I admire stay away from me, the closer I am with my Lord! That’s why I could never be unhappy in this world or in life afther this! For nothing increase my joy than his holy presence!


47.  The moment you stop living for your self, your freedom reigns!


48.  If a gift would alienates my little son from me, I wouldn't give him any toy even when I have enough saving (money) reserved for him. Likewise, our father in heaven deals with many of His children on earth! Let all of God's children enjoy Him forever, but not the gift itself! His holy presence everywhere, His unchangeble relationship and love that satisfy the thirst of human soul.


49.  Happiness: the most selfish people are the most unhappy people; while, the happiest people are those who live for others and give the most! (American social researcher).


50.  As long as I am conscious of being connected to time, I am also awared of having been moving toward its end, where and when I will meet the author of time, my God and Saviour, to live with Him forever, timelessly!


51.  Relaxing while riding on historical waves is more exciting than surfing on the extreme sea soars!


52.  It is more important to finish the assigned task than to live a long life! And it is better to live up to the expected principles than to live corrupted big fat.


53.  If heaven entrance ticket is on sale, how much would you pay for? For going to America, people might pay thousands of dollars.


54.  If you live to serve, you don't have to worry about who likes, dislikes or hates you; because, there are always enough people to serve!


55.  Warning: For David, Bethsheba was more dangerous than Goliath and for Samson, Dalilah than lion, and for women, lipstick than a pitbull. :)


56.  Failures and troubles serve best to humble me and draw me closer to the source of life and force!


57.  Many miss the great gains by avoiding pain!


58.  People who live for God don't feel pain when they are hurt, but rejoice in trials! Because, they know that they are being reshaped in the likeness of God's image!


59.  Brushing the mind to purify it from the polution of the world!


60.  Man's greatness is tested by humility but woman by how well she cooks!


61.  A fool tries to build his glory at the expenses of his own happiness!


62.  Untill one master what occupies the mind, one will not able to master his action and words, in order to control the outcome!


63.  Many or most of the time, what usually take the most important space in the mind is not the most important thing for the person!


64.  If you still have three years on earth, what will be your top priorities?


65.  Don’t forget to enjoy what you have!


66.  The main different of man from animals is his willful submission under the authority of his Creator! And man lives for eternal spiritual existance but animal, just physical and temporary.


67.  Man has no reason not to worship his Creator! So, he is not excused, if he does't do his duty!


68.  Until he has total control over himself, a man cannot be trusted!


69.  Life: Don't try to control it, but submit to the owner and enjoy it!


70.  A smart man at the wrong place and time could become dangerous than a mad man!


71.  The cost of sin and immorality is unknown to the blinds!


72.  Who controls time and history? God!


73.  A learned man learns something from every experience, whether it be painful, like, dislike, love, and even from hateful or distasteful


74.  Are Burmese people culturally and intellectually mature enough for democracy? Even, if yes for both, may not be fit ethically and morally!


75.  Self righteous people are usually distructive to society!


76.  Wisdom flows thru humbleness, like a stream of water flowing thru the lowest river! (?)


77.  In God, everything is for our good!


78.  Would there be anyone who can make me angry for any reason? If yes, I want to hire him/her for experiment.


79.  It’s your choice what to fill up the cup of your mind, and the color of things you filled inside your cup is reflected on your face!


80.  People get leader(s) they deserved!


81.  "God is love and whoever hates his brother is not of God!"


82.  A man's true nature is expressed in the way he discribes about who he hate or compete with!


83.  Hatred is a poison, like a cancer to human soul, but love nourishes the soul. So, a hater is a slave of his or her own corrupt mindset! So to become a pitiful animal!


84.  Life is like a rose: you can scream at its thorns all the time, or enjoy its beauty above all its leaves. It’s your choice! (?)


85.  Another day another excitement, we all are one day closer to our grave and final destination, which place will be for some hell, for others heaven, and for you.......?


86.  Many are losing their joy of life for unworthy cause that is their stupidity but  blame others or circumstance, while the root cause of their loss is their own choices, the thoughts, actions, and deeds they chose.


87.  What is the ultimate goal of your existence as a human being, to satisfy your flesh, to satisfy your mental curiousity, to leave a good name after your departure, to serve others, or else?


88.  Writing good while riding on waves is a skill of man!


89.  Riding on a historical wave and enjoying it is much easier than riding a live sea horse, for it only requires a minimal skill to twist and turn the paddle slowly and gently toward the final destination!


90.  Covering my own mistake is one of my greatest enemies, more destructive than other people’s actions.


91.  If one learns how to draw lesson from every experience, there is always something good one can learn from verything!


92.  Unfolding the unknown of yesterday, I now warmly embrace the secrets of the past that this is the day that I now em totally in agreement with the author of my destiny which makes my future plain and clear, treasured with matchless happiness and joy!


93.  Wisdom is making the best desicion!


94.  What are the major differences between the fools and the wise? Deciding rightly!


95.  What is the most common source of constructing your opinion? Your intuition, facts and information, or from the devil?


96.  Do you always aware of you are a slave of time? But there is someone who is above time! Creator of universal time clock. He is my friend.


97.  What usually take most space in your mind? if you know that that tells who you are!


98.  What might pop up first when your name pops up in people' mind? Thief, cunning, charm, lovely, cruel, or else, you are writing your own history now!


99.  Who is responsible for your happiness? Only you!


100.                      When you stop growing, you start dying!