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A Chrsitmas Season Greetings

A 2009 Chrsitmass season greetings!




One evening, my kids were watching a Christmas season movie named “ELF”,

I saw a Santa and Elf riding a Christmas cart, flying over the icy city thru ices rains,

People, their heads up, waved their hands, waiting the gifts the Santa might bring for them!

There were park rangers, hunting for the Santa and the Elf, with horses and uniforms,

It reminded me, the journey I travel along others, riding wonderful historical waves!

Through pain, joy, celebration, and expectation, I made a little note as bellow to share with fellow sojourners!


Among the storms, ice storm may be the toughest one, but most exciting!

Hard to drive thru, blocking breathing, and slippery and dangerous road all the way!

However, tough experience helps me enjoy the rest part of life when the storm calms down!

There were times when perception determines the taste of life and also time when the substances were missing while screening the progress of history!


If riding on history were like surfing sea waves,


When you see evil storm heading on your way, do not go against it or participate either!

It usually become very dangerous, kills and destroys the good path of human historical flow!

Nevertheless, it will come down, history corrects itself overtime!

A bad and evil storm usually hits a hard wall at the end, smash itself and disappear forever,

But strengthen your feet, firm on the pad while surfing, stretching your both hands on the airs, like eagle, like airplane riding on the historical waves!


There are times when event occurs for celebration or declaration,

When it occurs on your way, do it to mean what it supposed to be,

Do not try to be free rider all the times, so that you don’t miss the point.

Because, a victory without crown is meaningless and a cross without salvation just pain.

For example, celebrating Christmas without having Jesus is comparable to a traveler who stopped forever under a welcome signboard at the city gate without entering the final destination city.


When your pad reached the lowest level, you might see walls of water above you,

But that’s not the end; you will not be buried under water, if you surf, slide correctly.

Strengthen your feet and stretch out your arms against the pressure on the air,

That the wind will push you up again on above water level,

History may sound unjust, but you can justly ride on it to reach the happier shoar!


This is a Christmas season when we all share the breeze of the season!

Don’t miss the joy and substance of the massive celebration of the season

This is a celebration of the incarnation of the Son of God,

This is a celebration of the season when God took human form,

This is a celebration of the season when God intervineed human history,

To bring back all creation under His control for the future internal home!


Nothing can prevent the jojous joy of this season! May God reveal Himself to you all!