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What I want to change

What I want to Change

Moses                                                                                                                                                    1-24-11 

                There are many people in jail, about two million in the U.S.A. All over the world there is a car crash every two seconds. Every year there are 100,000 lightning bolts that strike the Earth. In every ten seconds there is a child born. But every 5 seconds, a person dies.

                What I want to change is world hunger for people. I think there should be a law for families to have to donate at least two cans for the hungry each year. If not cans then two dollars. Too much people are dying, too much in jail for committing crimes.             

                There are many things people might want to change in the world, for example my friend wants to be a Politician and stop world hunger. There should be a law for everyone to get a checkup every other month (which means one month then you skip the next month and keep on going). If there was a law like that , less people would have the flu or other diseases.

                  In order to stop overweight or Type 2 Diabetes, there should also be a law on how much snacks people eat a day, or how much they eat. There should also be a limit on how long kids/children use the computer or other technology. A good example for setting a limit is your child can play half the time they have read.

                These are some thoughts/ideas on what I want to change.


Moses Mang         4th grade Burkhart Elementary School