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What I want To be

What I Want To Be

Moses                                                                                                              1-10-11

                        In this story I will tell you what I (Moses) want to be when I grow up. When I grow up I want to be a Pediatrician or a kid doctor. Ever since I have been a kid I have wanted to be a doctor. I never knew what kind, but since my mom mentioned that I would be a good kid doctor, I have started to think about it and, agreed.

            At school the people who are in the IDEA Group, which is a group of advanced selected kids, each have to do a career or what you want to be when you get older. There are three steps in the whole packet. Step one. Choosing your career and writing at least five facts that you know and want to know about your career. Step two. Get books about your career, and write twenty different facts or wonderings about what you learned from what you read.
Step three is optional. This is where you get to play hooky, but not all the way. You are allowed to skip school to go to someone who works as the career you choose, it can be as long as you want to be sure to ask a lot of things of what you want to be.

            Step one was due in December, which is passed. Step two getting information is due by January twelfth. Though Step three is optional all the people in the group has to learn it. Mr. White, my teacher said that someone will come and teach us how to do the movie maker. From recording our conversation.

            My dad has ordered me two books about being a Pediatrician. The first book was ‘The Pediatrician’s Guide to Kids”. The second one was “The Portable Pediatrician”. “The Portable Pediatrician” is about three different age selections. Ages zero month through Eighteen months (one year and a half). Eighteen months to three years (thirty six months). Three years to five years old. After those chapters are other chapters about the body, for example body parts. The other book, “The Pediatricians Guide to kids” is mainly about different ages. The first there chapters of ages are the same (zero months to eighteen months, eighteen months to three years, three years to 5 years). The next ages are five to seven years (sixty months to eight-four months). Seven years to nine years(eighty-four months to one hundred four months).Nine years to eleven years(one hundred and four months to one hundred thirty two). The last chapter was eleven years and up (one hundred thirty two months and up).

            I am very thankful that my parents have been able to let me write down these essays, and material for my project. And with the help of God, and my families I own a wonderful life.

                                                                        The End

                                                                        By yours sincerely,

                                                                        Moses Mang