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WHat God Can DO





A hmaisa bikah ka sim duhmi cu mi tampi in sakhua mi, lole khrihfa cikhatkhat na si ding a tul tiah an ruat theu, cucu a dikmi asilo. Pathian in mi tampi a ko, a pehtlai theu asi. Pathian in milai a pehtlaih tikah a thu theihter mi cu Khrihfa si ding asi theu. A tufangah mi tampi Pathian zumlo tu an um. Khawmtiak ah mi tampi in an sim theu mi cu tuisun ziang na zir ngah, zo a dam lo, zozo an khawm aw aw, lole thildang pakhatkhat asi theu. Pathian in ziangkim a tuah thei. Pastor le rawngbawltu mi tampi in Pathian thu an sim. Mi hrekkhat in cawlhni lo ah tla khawm awnak an nei theu. Tahtthimnakah, kan kawhhran tla mibur burhnih ah kan then aw aw ih Sunday school kan zir. Zarhte nu ah inn ah kan khawm aw theu ih a cancan cu Biak inn ah tla kan zaten kan khawm theu. Cawhni zingah junior pawl in Sunday school (9:30 -11 am) tiang Bible zirnak an nei. Sunah 1-3 pm, kan zaten Biak inn ah Pathian biak khawmnak kan nei. Nauhak bik pawl kum 7 hnuai lam pawl cu khawm lai ah Sunday school an zir.


Pathian in voilekhat ah thil tampi a tuah thei, a cancan cu khrih zumtu canter tla asi theu. Pathian in a duhmi pohpoh ziang khal a thleng thei theh. Mangbangza thil sersiammi a a nei. Tahthimnak pakhat tla cu Arizona ih Canyon tla khi asi. Thilri lawng asilo mangbangza runnung pawl tla a sersiam. Insang tohkheng cabuai pawl le electronbic pawl tla Pathian tuahmi an si. Amah nu in a tuahmi asi na ti men thei nan a tuahtu ngaingai cu Pathian asi. Ruahnak thar ruah theinak in petu cu amah Pathian asi. Rawl  kan ei mi le thil ziangkim ruangah Pathian thangthat ringring ding na si. Lungawi hna na thiam lo can le ziangvek buainak na tawn caan khalah Pathian in a lo duhdawt ringring asi. Ziangtik lai khalah thei ringring aw, na farah maw, na lian maw, nangmah ten a um caan khalah. Pathian in na harsatnak a thei asi, a hnenah thla cam aw, cule na buainak a lo haikiang sak theh ding. Pathian in buainak a haikiang thei lomi zianghman a um hrimhrim lo asi.


Amah na zum ahcun thilmak tampi na tuah thei ding. Hminthannak ihsin maksak zetin cangan thiamnak siseh electronic thilthar tuah thiamnak siseh na tulmi pohpoh thilri siseh sumpai siseh ruahnak tha siseh Pathian in a lo pek ding asi. Pathian hnenah pakhatkhat dil ding in na ning zak a tul lo. Nunthlengnak maw, thil fate siseh Pathian cun mi a bawm duh ringring asi. A tu rori khalah na duhle dil aw, Pathian cu a um ringring asi. Pathian in amah riantu rawngbawltu khalah a duh ahcun I tuah thei asi. Pathian hnenah thla na cam tikah amah thangthat ringring aw, na sual sir aw aw, dil aw, amai duhnak thlun aw. Thil na tuahsual pang mi aum asile sual ngaidamnak dil aw, Pathian cu ziangtik khalah mi a ngaidam ringring asi.  


Pathian in keimah siseh mi zohnen khalah thleng awk ding siseh danglam deuh in cangvaih ding siseh in sim ringring ding. Pathian in mi pakhatkhat cang dingin I thleng ding asi ti ka thei. Hnatuan dang thleng ding in maw, thlacam tam deuh ding tla asi thei. A tikcu te ah ziang tuah ding ti Pathian in a lo sim ding. Thil pakhat ka fiang zetmi cu Pathian in keimah siseh mi zokhal a thleng lai ding asi.


Lungthiang ten,

Moses Mang

Henry Burkhat Elemetary School, 4th Grade.





First of all, most people think you need to be religious or have some sort of Christianity, but that’s wrong. Many people have been contacted from God. Often messages/contacts from God are offers/inspiration to become a Christian. Many people currently don’t believe in God. What people always say, when church service is over, is share what you learned today, whether that person was there, or sick, or any other thing. God can do anything. There are many pastors/ministers who preach.  Many people have church service on other days beside Sunday too. For example, my church splits our population into two groups. On Saturday, we all have church together, either at a house or occasionally at our church. Then on Sunday (9:30 -11 am) the junior group of kids has their Sunday school. At 1-3 pm, we have the whole church for service. The younger kids (under 7) have their Sunday school during service.


God can change many things at once, may be inspiring people to become Christian. God can change or make anything He wants. He has made already wondrous creations, like the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Not only did He make that He also made marvelous animals. From furniture to electronics, God is always the Creator. You may say “she created that idea,” but really it was God. God was the one that gave us the ability to think of a new idea. You always need to praise God for food or other things. Even if you aren’t grateful, God will still love you no matter what problem you are having. You must always know, no matter if you are alone and poor, or wealthy. God knows if you’re troubled, pray to Him and your problem will be solved. There is absolutely no case of problem God has never solved.


If you believe in Him, you will be able to do great things. From being famous, from excellent writing to creating a new electronic, God will give you ideas or money anything you want or need. You don’t have to be shy to ask God something. God is willing to help, if it is a simple case or life changing event. God will be there, you may even try it now, if you like. God can make me to become a minister if He wanted me to be. You should always Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield when you pray to God. Ask for forgiveness if you do something wrong, God is always forgiving.

God will tell me and everybody when it is time to change an act or act differently. I know God will change me to become someone else. Whether changing jobs or to pray more. God will tell you what to do at the right times. One thing I am sure of is that God will change me and everybody else.


Moses Mang

Henry Burkhat Elemetary School, 4th Grade.