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19 JUNE 2011

Dear Dad,




Thank you for being there when mom couldn't. Thank you for being my dad. Thank you for getting us the things we need, and helping us get better. Thank you for the things you have bought us, you bought us games and a laptop. Thank you for taking us to places, and doing things even though you don't want to.



I love you for being our dad. I love you because you lead me into GOD. I love you because you have helped me achieve my goals and you stay there with me to help me. I love you because you forced us against our own wills to do the right things. I love you because all the things you do are for us and the rest of the family. I love you because you've always cared for us and always think about us.



 I am honored to be your son because of your achievements and highrankings. I am honored to be your son because you believe in GOD so much. I am honored to be your son because you are well known. I am honored to be your son because you help a lot of people and are a great man.



Forgive me if I have ever said I hated you. Forgive me if I have evr held a grudge at you. Forgive me if I have not acted the way you wanted. Forgive me for not getting the best grades. Forgive me for excessively playing on the computer. Forgive me for using my time the right way. Forgive me if I haven't read enough. Forgive me for not listening to you first time told.



From now I will listen on your advice about GOD, and everything else. From now I will listen to what you say. From now on I will try harder on school, and everything else. From now on I will pray everyday. From now on I will listen and go to church willingly, and not refuse. From now on I will listen to you by trying to get closer to GOD.




I will try to help you on the things you need help on. I will help you with family issues.I will help you with chores. I will help you with anything else you can't solve. I will help with planning for church plannings. I will help neogtiate when there is something wrong with the family.


Dad thank you for leading me into GOD. You have been the very best parent a kid could have. Thank you for letting me have these experiences. Dad, thank you for loving us and being with us. Dad I want you to stay forever and our love will never end. Letting me be able to write this with my own hands is a great pleasure, and having my own laptop to write it is even better. Thank you for letting us be here, I have learned a lot from you.


Dad, for all this I am truly thankful. All the money you have spent on us has been for our experiences and health. You've tried to help us in every way. Thank you for it all. Now I know a lot of more things clearly and if you hadn't been here then I wouldn't be here to write this. Dad, thank you.


Dad I love you, and your choices have not been spent on yourself. You have helped me and Ginny alot I owe my life to GOD and you and mom. The three creaters. I wouldn't spend my life on anyone else except you three. This means alot to me to be able to even speak to you. I know the meaning of that because it is more than a pleasure for a billion people who don't have parents.

For all the food, enjoyment, laughter, toys, games, technology, clothes, shelter wouldn't be here without you three. I love all the things about you alot and I owe my life to you three. All these experiences are amazing and thank you.




Your most truly and admiring Son

Moses Cung Hlei Mang