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The Goodness of God


By Moses Mang



People believe there are more than one gods, but really there is only one God who made us out of dust, who die on the cross for our sins. That only God is the creator of the universe. This God is the Holy Spirit and creator of men and women. He loves us all, even if we have sinned. God is the mighty being, who created us in his image. No one has seen his righteous and holy face that has live. He is too bright and holy for anyone to see. He is the mighty being, the Holy Spirit, the Creator, the only God.


God is always worshipped around the globe, no matter the person’s skin. God is mighty blessing to the world. God is our savior. God will always be with us even if we can’t see Him. He can be everywhere. He knows everything. He can destroy all that He created with less than a snap. God is the father of all things created. He should be treated and worshipped, unlike any other person. He has made us a world to live in. So, we should devote ourselves to God.


God is great. He made all of us, everything, from people to plants. He hasn’t necessarily made inventions such as pencils or computers. But He has given people the smarts to invent those things. We should be thankful for these creations and worship God. Not refuse to go to church. You should be looking to go to church. Even if it doesn’t matter to you, if you go, it’s only about one to three hours usually. It wouldn’t hurt you, it’ll help you. You should always invite people to come to church with you.


God has created us all, and sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. My dad has given my brother and I daily inspiration, and each a year bible for us to read throughout the year.


The End.

Thank you,

By Moses Mang

4th Grader, Burkhart Elementary School,

Indianapolis, Indiana