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How To Win Friend

How to Win Friends




            There are many important things or characteristics that you need to have to win a friend. You have to be thoughtful and caring. Those are the most important characteristics. Making sure it is true friendship, not just to make you seem cooler. Most friends would care if you got hurt. Some people will try to deceive you. They will probably want to steal something important from you, or only like you for your money. That is not real friendship.
            Treat your friends with care and real friendship, and your friend will do the same to you. Bonding with your friend is very important. Being friendly and being caring will get you more friends. You should always forgive your friend even if he/she did something wrong, and you forgive, your friend will forgive too. If you feel like you’re being used or to make your friend seem cooler, ask him. If he/she is lying or seems like he’s not telling the truth. Talk to their mom/dad, they will surely tell the truth or make their son to tell the truth.
            A lot of people get friends from school, they might be neighbors, or on a sports team. Either way you will see a chance for friendship everywhere. Never give up hope if you can’t find any friends. If you find that someone is trying to bully you, don’t fight back, pray for them instead, forgive them. God has never broken a promise, and he won’t start now. God will help you with everything. Don’t get your hopes up. If you don’t have friends, caring and being nice and respectful will all help you. Don’t keep problems at school to yourself either. Whether you get into a fight, or something bad happened. Always tell someone.

            This is a paper on how to win friends. Read this and your chances on getting a friend will be higher.


May God Bless You


Moses Mang

4th Grade

Henry Burkhart

Elementary School, Indianapolis, IN