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Fathers' Day 2010

mAY 13, 2010
 Fathers’ Day is a day when you are supposed to celebrate fathers/dads. Fathers are the ones who usually build the buildings. Dads are the ones who teach a boy to grow up to be a man, like how a mom teaches a girl how to be a well-behaved woman. Fathers Day is used to honor dads for what they have done for us, and what they build for us. On Fathers Day, dads are celebrated by having parties, going out to restaurants, going swimming with his family, or going fishing with his sons. Dads do gardening, carrying the groceries that the mom bought. Dads do equal work with the mom, for example, moms do cooking, sometimes feeding the baby/children, and washing dishes, when dads would do gardening, moving furniture( only sometimes when needed), or exercising with his children.
          Dads would feel very, very loved and special to have this family, and to have such delightful children that he has, but what if a dad had to argue with his son/ daughter? What if he had to always force them to just go to bed, or eat? Then a dad would feel very, very unloved and uncared for.