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50 reasons I need laptop: by Moses             1-27-11

1)      To teach people how to use computer.

2)      To lend to someone for job application.

3)      To show responsibility. (With cleaning and time).

4)      To check my Gmail.

5)      Report/make up work from school.

6)      To type my home report.

7)      For computer camera.

8)      To get photos from camera to website.

9)      To work on website building.

10)   To watch history and education videos.

11)   Spelling practice for test.

12)   To read books online.

13)   To upload videos from church online.

14)   Good for on the go assignment.

15)   Can help out photos upload from church.

16)   Good for school assignment.

17)   To read the Bible online.

18)   To talk Didik online.

19)   To plan games, educated games.

20)   Arts activities.

21)   Math activities.

22)   To look at school bulletins.

23)   Cooking games.

24)   Research.

25)   Online timer for limit.

26)   Musical games.

27)   Quizzes and tests.

28)   Works as address book.

29)   To talk to friends.

30)   Video chat.

31)   To talk to relatives.

32)   To order items online.

33)   To check school schedules.

34)   Alarms.

35)   Weather update.

36)   News.

37)   Entertainment, such as movies.

38)   Maps.

39)   To practice typing skills.

40)   To email you when I am away.

41)   Plan games online with friends.

42)   To look at the home work assignment.

43)   Arts show time.

44)   Spall ball audition, meetings, and competitions.

45)   To check holidays.

46)   To order books.

47)   To learn.

48)   Look up movie times.

49)   To check dates.

50)   To book airplane trips.

This is my first step attempt toward getting a laptop.

Second step shall be deciding if these reasons good enough. Vote for me!

Third step is getting the funds.

Fourth step is deciding the time to buy.

Fifth step is choosing the laptop, and confirming.

Last step is to buy the laptop.



Moses Mang, 4th grade, Burkhart Elementary school