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2010 Mothers Day

Mothers’ Day

Moses Mang, May 10, 2010

          Mothers’ Day, the day we celebrate our mothers. On Mothers’ Day, people celebrate their mothers, by having parties, going to a restaurant, going to the movies, get a massage, and hundreds and hundreds of other things that mothers do on Mothers’ Day. Mothers Day was in May 9th for people who are in the year 2010, but it’s not always the same May 9th, sometimes it can be May 8th, or May 10th, the date is not always the same, but one thing is always the same, the thing that’s always the same is that Mothers’ Day is always on a Sunday no matter what.

          What is Mothers’ Day? Mothers’ Day is a day when mothers get celebrated by their children and their husbands, there are many different ways to celebrate Mothers’ Day, many different cultures have different ways of celebrating their mothers. At Mothers’ Day, mothers get cherished pretty much like a queen would! Mothers on Mothers’ Day get a lot of presents, visits from their mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa, moms might go to child places, like water parks with their family, or go to a salon and get her, and her daughters hair done, or go with her husband and go get a massage and reeeelllllaaaaaaaxxxxxxxx, or go to a restaurant which usually does happens, but for people who want their Mothers’ Day to be extra, extra special then they would go on a vacation, and leave their children with a babysitter, and the mom and husband would probably leave on Friday, or if they want to stay an extra day longer, they would probably leave on Thursday which not a bunch of people do, and they would probably come back home Sunday night when children are asleep or come back on Monday morning. A lot of mothers’ get presents that usually contain earrings, necklaces, skirts, shirts, dresses, books about husbands, pants, flowers and other plants(almost always), decorations, perfume or probably maybe even a box chocolate from their husband, kids, relatives, maybe even cousins.

          Moms would feel very, very happy and loved on Mothers’ Day, but what if a mother never got celebrated on Mothers’ Day? She would feel very unhappy, and unloved, and unnoticed by her family all the work she has done, and if no one gave her a thank you, she would feel alone and left out of the family. If this was to happen to a mom, she would probably be kind of sad, she would probably feel like she’s having a bad day, and she would feel like she is sick, and not be able to do any work for the rest of the day until someone realizes her not working and see her upset, then they would notice all the things that she has done for the whole family. Then the next day the mom wouldn’t know that the whole family threw her a extra, extra special thank you for all her very, very hard work for the whole family.

               !!! THE END !!!

                             Brought to you by,

                                      Moses Mang.