TIkcu /Times sut awkdan/riahbuuk/rawl ei nak

11. Times


11 days ago. A hlan ni 11 ah

2 hours. Nazi pa 2

A long time ago. Khua hlan lai ah

All day. Ni za ten

Are they coming this evening? Tui tlai an ra ding maw?

Are you comfortable? Na nuam aw maw?

Are your children with you? Na fa le na hnenah an um maw?

As soon as possible. A rem cang ve ten

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Sun nazi pa 3 ah

At 5th street. Lam zin pa 5 nak ah

At 7 o'clock at night.evening) Zan pa sarih ah

At 7 o'clock in the morning. Zing pa sarih ah

At what time did it happen? Ziang tik canah a cang?

Can I help you? Ziang si ka lo bawm thei ding um?

Do you have a swimming pool? Ti leuh nak na nei maw?

Do you have this in size 11? Hi mi vek size 11 na nei maw?

Do you think you'll be back by 11:30? 11:30 ah na ra thleng sal thei ding na ruat maw?

Every week. Zarh tin

Everyday I get up at 6AM. Zing tin pa 6 ah ka tho

Expiration date. A ni thla cem ni

Have you been waiting long? Rei pi na hngak re ro zo maw?

He'll be back in 20 minutes. Minute 20 sungah a ra thleng ding

His family is coming tomorrow. Thai sunah a sung kua an ra ding

How about Saturday? Zarh te ni the?

How long are you going to stay in California? California ah ziang tik tiang na va um tum?

How long are you going to stay? Ziang tik tiang na um tum?

How long will it take? Ziang tluk a rei ding?

How much altogether? A za ten ziang zat?

How much will it cost? Ziang zat a cem ding?

I don't have enough money. Ka poi sa in a daih lo

I'm getting ready to go out. Leng suak ding ka man zo

I'm just looking. Ka zoh re ro men

I'm worried too. Kei tla ka phang ve ko

It rained very hard today. Tui sun ruah tam tuk a sur

It'll be cold this evening. Tui tlai lam a dai ding

It's 17 dollars. Dollars 17 si

It's 6AM. Zing pa 6 si

It's 8:45. pa 8:45 si

It's a quarter to 7. Pa sarih kim nak ding minute 15 duh

It's going to snow today. Tui sun vur a tlak ding

It's here. Hi nah si

It's there. Kha nah si

I've already seen it. Ka hmu ttheh zo

John is going on vacation tomorrow. John cu thai sun a cawl harh dam tum

My birthday is August 27th. August 27 hi ka suah ni si

Now or later? Tu maw neta ah?

October 22nd. October ni 22

She wants to know when you're coming. Ziang tik na ra ding ti a thei duh

Sometimes I go to sleep at 11PM, sometimes at 11:30PM. A caanah 11 ah ka it, a can cu 11:30 ah ka it

The whole day. Sun ni hlawh

There's plenty of time. Can tam pi a um

We're late. Kan tlai

What day are they coming over? Hi tawk ziang tik an ra ding?

What day of the week is it?  Tui zarh ziang tik ni si?

What is today's date? Tui sun ni ziat si?

What time are they arriving? Ziang tik an thleng ding?

What time did you get up? Ziang tik can na tho?

What time did you go to sleep? Ziang tik caanah na it?

What time did you wake up? Ziang tik caanah na meng?

What time do you think you'll arrive? Ziang tik caanah na thleng thei na zum?

What time does it start? Ziang tik a thok ding?

What time is it? Na zi pa ziat si?

What's your religion? Na sakhua ziang si?

When are they coming? Ziang tik an ra ding?

When are you coming back? Ziang tik na ra kir sal ding?

When are you going to pick up your friend? Na rual pa ziang tik na va hruai ding?

When are you leaving? Ziang tik na pok ding?

When are you moving? Ziang tik na tthawn aw ding?

When I went to the store, they didn't have any apples. Dawr ka va feh laiah, apple an nei lo

When is the next bus to Philidalphia?    Ziang tik si Philadelphia feh ding  neta          bus cu?

When is your birthday? Na suah ni ziang tik si?

When was the last time you talked to your mother? Ziang tik si na nu na biak netabik?

When will he be back? Ziang tik a ra kir sal ding?

When will it be ready? Ziang tik a rem cang ding?

Where are you going to go? Khui ah na feh tum?

7. Accomondation


Are you busy? Na buai zet maw?

Can we have some more bread please? Zang fah ten sang mal ten kan ei bet thei maw?

Do you have any money? Poi sa ziang zat tal na nei maw?

For how many nights? Zan ziang hmuah hrang?

How long will you be staying? Ziang tik tiang na um ding?

I need a doctor. Si bawi ka ttul

I'd like a map of the city. Khaw ram zuk ka duh

I'd like a non-smoking room. Kuat fawp thei lo nak khan ka duh

I'd like a room with two beds please. Ih khun pa hnih um mi khan ka duh

I'd like a room. Khan ka duh

Is there a nightclub in town? Khaw sungah nightclub a um maw?

Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Hotel ah rawl dawr a um maw?

Is there a store near here? Hi kiang nai ah dawr a um maw?

Sorry, we don't have any vacancies. A va poi ve, a lawng kan nei nawn lo

Take me to the Marriott Hotel. Marriott Hotel ah in thlen aw

What time is check out? Ziang tik si suah can?

What's the charge per night? (Hotel) Nan hotel zan khat ziang hmuah si?

Where is the airport? Van zamlen khui ah si?

Where's the mail box? Ca thlak nak kuang khui ah si?

8. Dinning


Are you here alone? Hi nak nang mah lawng maw?

Can I bring my friend? Ka rual pi ka hruai thei ding maw?

Can I have a receipt please? Zang fah ten receipt ka ngah thei ding maw?

Can it be cheaper? A man a awl deuh  thei ding maw?

Can we have a menu please. Zang fah ten, list kan ngah thei pei maw?

Can you hold this for me? Hi mi in rak ken sak lawk thei ding maw?

Do you have any children? Fa te na nei maw?

Do you know how much it costs? Hi mi Ziang hmuah a man ti na thei maw?

Have you eaten at that restaurant? Khi mi rawl dawr ah na ei dah zo maw?

Have you eaten yet? Na ei ttheh zo maw?

Have you ever had Potato soup? Aar lu ti hang na in dah maw?

He likes juice but he doesn't like milk Juice cu a duh nan, caw hnawi cu a duh lo

Here is your salad. Hi nak na salad

Here's your order. Hi nak maw na thil cah mi pawl

How does it taste? Ziang vek si a thaw dan?

How many people? Minung pa ziat?

I agree. Ka lung kim pi

I haven't been there. Kha tawk ah ka um dah lo

I haven't finished eating. Rawl ka ei ttheh hrih lo

I like it. Ka duh si

I only have 5 dollars. Dollars fang 5 lawng ka nei

I think I need to see a doctor. Si bawi ton ka ttul ding ka zum

I understand. Ka thei thiam

I'd like a table near the window. Sang ka te kiangih ca buai ka duh

I'd like to call the United States. United States ah ka ko duh

I'll give you a call. Ka lo ko sal ding

I'll have a cup of tea please. Zang fah ten, lak phak khuat khat

I'll have a glass of water please. Zang fah ten, ti dai khuat khat

I'm from America. Kei America sin si

I'm going to bed. Ka it thlang ding

I'm here on business. Bussines hrangah si tawk ka thleng

I'm sorry. Ka ti palh

It's August 25th. Tu hi August 25 si

June 3rd. June ni 3 nak

The food was delicious. Rawl a thaw zet

There are some apples in the refrigerator. Refrigerator sungah apple mal lai  a um

There's a restaurant near here. Hi kiang nai ah rawl dawr a um

There's a restaurant over there, but I don't think it's very good. Khi tawk ah rawl dawr cu a um nan, a tttha ding ka zum lo



We can eat Italian or Chinese food. Italy lo le Tuluk rawl kan ei thei

We'll have two glasses of water please. Zang fah ten ti dai khuat hnih kan ttul

What are you going to have? Ziang na ei ding?

What do you recommend? Ziang si ttha ding?

What would you like to drink? Ziang  in ding na duh?

What would you like to eat? Ziang ei ding na duh?

What's your email address? ziang si na e-mail address?

Where is an ATM?  ATM khui ah si a um?

Where is there a doctor who speaks English? Kha tawk ih Mi rong ttong hmang sii bawi pa kha khui ah si?

Which one? Khui mi tu si?

Would you ask him to come here? Hi tawk ah ra dingin in sim sak thei ding maw?

Would you like a glass of water? Ti dai khuat khat in na duh maw?

Would you like coffee or tea? Coffee maw lak phak na duh?

Would you like some water? Ti dai na duh maw?

Would you like some wine? Wine na duh maw?

Would you like something to drink? Thil pa khat khat in na duh maw?

Would you like to go for a walk?   na vak duh maw?

Would you like to watch TV? TV na zoh duh maw?