Tawn awk hmaisa le lamzin hmuh awknak

3. greetings

Certainly! A dik si lawm

Good afternoon. Sun ttha maw

Good evening sir. Tlang na hmang nuam maw

Good Luck. Va tluang hram aw

Good morning. Na tho ttha maw

Great. Tha tuk e

Happy Birthday. Suah ni sung lawi seh

Have a good trip. Na khual tlawng tluang hram seh

Hello. hello

Nice to meet you. Lo hmuh lung awi um si

Please call me. Zang fah ten in ko aw


3. Travel and direction


A one way ticket. Feh lam(asilo le) tlun nak hrang ticket

A round trip ticket. Tlun lam feh lam hrang ticket

About 300 kilometers. Km 300 hrawng ah

Are you going to help her? Kha nu na va bawm ding maw?

At what time? Ziang tik caanah

Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday? Hmai ni thum ni hrang ni tiam ka lak thei ding maw?

Can you repeat that please? Zang fah ten na run nawlh sal thei pei maw?

Do you have enough money? Na sumpai a lo daih ding maw?

Do you know how to cook? Ziang tin suang ding ti na thei maw

Do you know what this says? Hi mi ziang a sim tin a thei maw?

Do you want me to come and pick you up? Lo rak hmuak na duh maw?

Does this road go to New York? Hi mi hi New York feh nak zin a si maw?

Follow me. In thlun aw

From here to there. Hi tawk in kha tawk tiang

Go straight ahead. Hmai ah feh tlaan aw

Have you arrived? Na thleng zo maw?

Have you been to Boston? Boston ah na um dah maw?

How do I get there? Ziang tin kha tawk ka thleng thei ding?

How do I get to Daniel Street? Ziang tin Daniel Street zin ka thleng thei ding?

How do I get to the American Embassy? American taan zung ziang tik ka thleng thei ding?

How long does it take by car? Motor thawn ziang tluk a rei ding?

How long does it take to get to Georgia? Georgia thleng nak ding ziang tluk a rei ding?

How long is the flight? Ziang tluk van zam to ding?

How was the movie? Na movie cu ziang a bang?

I have a question I want to ask you./ I want to ask you aquestion. Suh duh mi pa khat ka lo nei

I wish I had one. Pa khat tal cu nei sehla ka duh

I'd like to make a phone call. Phone ka biak duh

I'd like to make a reservation.Um nak hmun ka rak ham cia duh

I'll take that one also. Kha mi ka lak tho tho ding

I'm coming right now. Tu ro ri ka ra

I'm going home in four days. Ni li sungah inn ka tlung ding

I'm leaving Tomorrow. Thai sun ka feh thlang ding

I'm looking for the post office. Ca thlak nak zung ka hawl

Is this pen yours? Hi mi ca fung hi na ta maw?

One ticket to New York please. Zang fah ten, New York hrang ticket pa khat

One way or round trip? Feh lam lawng maw tlun lam thawn?

Please speak slower. Zang fah ten, nuam ten deuh in ttong aw

Please take me to the airport. Zang fah ten Van zamlen ah in thlen aw.

That way. Kha mi lam zin

The plane departs at 5:30P. Zan lam 5:30 ah, van zam a suak ding

They arrived yesterday. Mani ah an thleng

Turn around. Khat lam her aw

Turn left. Keh lamah her aw

Turn right. Vorh lam ah her

What time are you going to the bus station? Ziang tik caanah bus um nak na feh ding?

When did this happen? Ziang tik ah a cang?

When did you arrive in Boston? Boston ah ziang tik na thleng?

When do we arrive? Ziang tik ah kan thleng ding?

When do we leave? Ziang tik kan pok ding?

When does he arrive? Ziang tik ah a thleng?

When does it arrive? Hi mi ziang tik ah a thleng?

When does the bank open? Bank ziang tik caanah a ong

When does the bus leave?Bus ziang tik a suak ding?

Where can I mail this? Hi mi khui tawk in ka kuat thei ding?

Where is she from? Khi nu cu khui tawk in si?

Where is the bathroom? Ti kholh nak khui tawk ah si?

Why not? Si lo ah

Will you remind me? In mang pi leh sal thei ding maw?


4. Numbers and money


11 dollars.  Dollars hlei khat

52 cents. Sawm nga le pia hnih

A few. Mal te

A little. Mal tak te

Call the police. Pa lik ko aw

Did your wife like California? Nan nu California a duh maw?

Do you have any coffee? Coffee na nei maw?

Do you have anything cheaper? Thil man ol deuh na nei maw?

Do you take credit cards? A bak ih thil lei thei nak card na kei maw?

How are you paying? Ziang tin poi sa na pek ding?

How many people are there in New York? New York ah minung ziang hmuah an um?

How much are these earrings? Hi mi hna khiah ziang hmuah a man?

How much do I owe you? Ziang hmuah ka lo bak?

How much does it cost per day? Ni khat ah ziang hmuah a man?

How much does this cost? Hi mi ziang hmuah a man

How much is it to go to Miami? Miami feh dingah ziang hmuah a ttul?

How much money do you make? Poisa ziang zat na ngah thei?

I don't have a girlfriend. Fala ka nei lo

I don't have any money. Poisa ka nei lo

I have a reservation. Um nak ding ham cia ka nei

I need to practice my English. Ka mi rang ttong ka hmang re ro ttul

I'd like to eat at 5th street restaurant. Lam zin pa nga nak ih rawl dawr ah ei ka duh

I'll have the same thing. Kei tla cu mi ka nei ve ding

I'll pay for dinner. Zanriah man ka pe ding

I'll pay for the tickets. Tickets man ka pe ding

I'm 26 years old. Kum 26 ka si

Is that ok? Hi tin a ngah maw?

Is there any mail for me? Ka ca um maw?

Isn't it? Hi mi si lo maw?

It's 11:30pm. Zan 11:30 a si.

It's is a quarter past nine. Pa 9 le minutes 15 a si zo

Please come in.  rung lut aw

Sorry, we don't accept credit cards. A va poi ve, Credit cards kan siang lo

Sorry, we only accept Cash. A va poi ve, poi sa fai lawng kan siang

That restaurant is not expensive. Hi mi rawl dawr cu a man a khung lo

That's too expensive. A man khung tuk

There are many people here. Hi nak minung tam pi an um

They charge 26 dollars per day. Ni khat ah dollars 26 an ngen

What's the exchange rate for dollars? Dollars thleng zat ziang hmuah si

What's the phone number? phone number ziang zat si

Where can I buy tickets? Khui tawk ah tickets ka lei thei ding?

Where would you like to meet? Khui tawk hmun ah tonawk na duh?

Which one is better? Khui mi si ttha deuh?