Rualpi tuah awknak/Nuam awknak/biak pawh awknak


9. Making friends


Are you American? American mi na si maw?

Are you coming this evening? Tui tlai lam na ra ding maw?

Are you free tonight? Tui zan na man maw?

Are you going to take a plane or train? Van zam maw tlang leng na to ding?

Are you hungry? Na ril rawng maw?

Are you sure? Na thu ngai maw?

Are you working Tomorrow? Thai sun hna na ttuan ding maw?

Business is good. Sum pai hawl nak a ttha


Did it snow yesterday? Mani vur a tlak maw?

Did you get my email? Ka e-mail lo kuat mi na ngah maw?

Did you take your medicine? Na sii na ei maw?

Do you feel better? Ttha deuh in na thei aw maw?

Do you go to Florida often? Florida ah na feh ttheu maw?

Do you have another one? A dang teh na nei lai maw?

Do you know where there's a store that sells towels? Khui tawkah towel zuar nak dawr a um ti na thei maw?

Do you like it here? Hi hmun na duh maw?

Do you like the book? Cabu na duh maw?

Do you need anything? Ttul me na nei maw?

Do you play any sports? Ziang lek nak na lek theu?

Do you sell medicine? Sii na zuar maw?

Do you study English? Mirang ca na zir maw?

Do you want to come with me? Kei mai hnen na ra duh maw?

Do you want to go with me? Kei mah thawn na feh duh maw?

Excuse me. Mal ten,

Give me a call. In ko aw

Has your brother been to California? California ah na u nau an um dah maw?

Have they met her yet? Cu nu an tong zo maw?

Have you done this before? A hlanah teh hi mi na tuah dah zo maw?

How long have you been here?  hi tawk ah na um nak a rei zo maw?

How long have you been in America? America na um nak a rei maw?

How long have you lived here? Hi tawk na um nak a rei zo maw?

How many children do you have? Fa pa ziat na nei?

How many languages do you speak? Ttong phun ziat na ttong thiam?

How many people do you have in your family? Na inn sang pa ziat nan si?

How much would you like? Ziang tluk na duh ding?

How old are you? Kum ziat na si?

I bought a shirt yesterday. Mani ah kawr na lei

I don't feel well. Ka nuam lem lo

I have pain in my arm. Ka ban a na.

I have to wash my clothes. Ka thuam hnaw sawp ttul

I have two sisters. Far nu pa 2 ka nei

I remember. Ka mang sal

I speak a little English. Mi rang ttong mal te ka thiam

I'll tell him you called. Na kawh thu ka sim ding

I'm 32. 32 ka si

I'm 6'2". 6’ 2” ka si

I'm a size 8. Size pa 8 si ka si

I'm allergic to seafood.

I'm American. American mi ka si.

I'm fine, and you? Kei ka dam, nang the?

I'm not afraid. Ka ttih lo.


I'm sick. Ka dam lo

Is your house like this one? Nan inn hi vek si maw?

Is your husband also from Boston? Nan pa Boston sin tho tho maw?

It's not very expensive. A man khung tuk lo

I've been there. Kha nak ka um dah zo

Let's share. Kan zem aw ding

My daughter is here. Ka fa nu hi nak si

My father has been there. Ka pa kha tawk ah a um dah

My father is a lawyer. Ka pa cu sihni si

My grandmother passed away last year. Kan dung kum ah ka pi a thi

My name is John Smith. Ka hmin cu John Smith si

My son studies computers. Ka fa pa in computer a zir.

My son. Ka fa pa

No, I'm American. Si lo, American mi ka si

No, this is the first time. Si lo, ka voi khat nak si

Our children are in America. Kan fa te pawl cu America ah si.

She's an expert. Cu nu in a thiam

She's older than me. Cu nu cu ka hnak in a u pa si

That car is similar to my car. Kha mi motor cu ka ta thawn an bang aw zet si

This is Mrs. Smith. Hi cu Mrs. Smith si

This is my mother. Hi mi ka nu si

This is the first time I've been here. Hi tawk hi ka voi khat nak si

We have two boys and one girl. Fapa pa 2 le fanu pa 1 kan nei

What are you going to do tonight? Tui zan ziang  kan tuah ding?

What are your hobbies? Ziang sin a paih zawng?

What do you study? Ziang na zir?

What do you want to do? Ziang na tuah duh?

What school did you go to? Ziang tlawng na kai?

What's your favorite movie? Ziang mi movie na duh?

What's your last name? Ziang si na hmin net nak?

What's your name? Zo si na hmin?

Where are the t-shirts? T-shirt khui ah si?

Where did you go? Khui ah na feh?

Where did you learn English? Khui ah mi rang ca na zir?

Where did you work before you worked here? Hi tawk na ttuan hlan, khui ah na ttuan?

Where do you live? Khui ah na um?

Where were you? Khui ah si na si?

Who sent this letter? Hi ca zo in a kuat?

Would you like to buy this? Hi mi na lei duh maw?

You speak English very well. Mi rang ttong na thiam zet ual

Your children are very well behaved. Na fa le an nun can ttha zet si

Your daughter. Na fanu

You're smarter than him. Amah hnak in na smart deuh ual.

10. Entertainment


Are there any concerts? Concert a um maw?

Do you want to go to the movies? Movie na va zoh duh maw?

Have you seen this movie? Hi mi movie na zoh dah zo maw?

He said you like to watch movies. Movie zoh na paih tin amah in a lo ti.

How tall are you?  Ziang tluk na sang?

Is the bank far? Bank um nak a hla maw?

Is there a movie theater nearby? Hi kiang nai ah cinema zung a um maw?

What do people usually do in the summer in Los Angeles? Los Angel tthal caanah mi pi pawl ziang an tuah?

What kind of music do you like? Ziang vek awn mawi na duh?

What time does the movie start? Ziang tik movie an thok ding?

What's your favorite food? Ziang mi rawl na duh bik?

Who was your teacher? A lo zirh tu zo si?

Would you like to have dinner with me? Kei mah thawn zan riah ei tlang na duh maw?

Would you like to rent a movie? Movie na sang duh maw?


11. Shopping


Can I have a glass of water please? Zang fah ten, ti khuat khat in pe thei ding maw?

Can I use your phone? Na phone ka hmang thei ding maw?

Do you have any vacancies? Hna ttuan lawng nan nei maw?

Do you have the number for a taxi? Taxi kawh nak ding numbet na nei maw?

Do you know her? Khi nu na thei maw?

Do you know where she is? Khi nu khui ah a um ti na thei maw?

Do you play basketball? Basketball na lek maw?

Fill it up, please. Zang fah ten, khat ter aw

He needs some new clothes. Thuam hnaw thar a ttul

How much is that? Kha mi ziang zat si?

How much is this? Hi mi ziang ziat si?

I believe you. Ka lo zum

I speak two languages. Ttong phun hnih ka thiam.

I thought he said something else. Thil dang hmang a sim ka ti nan si?

I usually drink coffee at breakfast. Thawh hlam ah cun coffee si ka in theu

I'd like the number for the Hilton Hotel please. Zang fah ten, Hilton Hotel numbet ka ngah duh nan

I'd like to buy a phone card please. Zang fah ten, phone card ka lei duh

I'd like to go home. Inn ka tlung duh

I'd like to go shopping. Dawr ve feh ka duh

If you like it I can buy more. Na duh asilen ka lei bet thei.

I'm a beginner. Ka thawk tir si.

I'm full. Ka puar

I'm just kidding. Ka lo ca po men si

I'm single. Tlang val ka si

It's not too far. A va hla zet lo

Sorry, we don't have any. A va poi ve, kan nei nawn lo.

The books are expensive. Cabu pawl an man a khung tuk

Try it on. Zuam aw

What do you want to buy? Ziang na lei duh?

What size? Ziang tia?

What time does the store open? Dawr ziang tik canah an ong?

When does the plane arrive? Van zam ziang tik a tum?

Where are you? Khui ah sin a si?

Would you like something to eat? Pa khat khat ei na duh maw?


12. Communication


Am I pronouncing it correctly? Ka aw suak a dik maw?

Can you do me a favor? Mit hmai ttha in pe thei ding maw?

Can you help me? In bawm thei ding maw?

Can you please say that again? Kha mi in sim sal thei ding maw?

Can you show me? In hmuh thei ding maw?

Can you throw that away for me? Khai thil kha a hla nak ah in hlon sak thei pei maw?

Do you believe that? Cu mi na zum maw?

Do you have a pencil? Ca fung na nei maw?

Do you smoke? Kuak na fawp maw?

Do you speak English? Mi rang ttong na thiam maw?

Does anyone here speak English? Hi nak mi rang ttong thiam nan um maw?

Don't do that. Ti hlah!

Excuse me, what did you say? Zang fah ten, ziang na sim?

Forget it. Hngilh men aw

How do you pronounce that? Kha mi ziang si a aw suak?

How do you say it in English? Kha mi Mirang in ziang tin an sim

How do you spell it? Ziang tin cafang na kom?

How do you spell the word Seattle? Cafang Seattle cu ziang tin na kom?

I can swim. Ti leuh ka thiam

I can't hear you clearly. Fiang ten na ttong ka thei lo

I don't mind. Ka ziang poi lo

I don't speak English very well. Mi rang in ka ttong thiam tuk lo

I don't think so. Kha ti ka zum lo

I don't understand what your saying. Ziang na ttong ti ka thei thiam lo

I think you have too many clothes. Thuam hnaw tam pi na neih ka zum

I trust you. Ka lo rin

I understand now. Tu ka thei fiang

Is there air conditioning in the room? Khaan sungah air-con a um maw?

Let's meet in front of the hotel. Hotel hmai ah kan tong aw ding aw.

Please sit down. Zang fah ten, to aw.

Please speak English. Zang fah ten, mi rang in ttong aw.

Please speak more slowly. Zang fah ten, nuam te deuh in ttong aw.

Sorry, I didn't hear clearly. A va poi ve, na ttong ka thei fial lo

That means friend. Cu mi cu rual pi ti nak si

That's wrong. Cu mi a sual.

Try to say it. Sim dingin zuam aw

What does this mean? Ziang si a ti duh san?

What does this say? Hi mi ziang a sim duh?

What does this word mean? Hi mi cafang ti san ziang si?

What's the exchange rate? Sum thleng ziang hmuah si?

Whose book is that? Kha mi zo ih ca bu si?

Why are you laughing? Ziang ruangah na hni?

Why aren't you going? Ziang ruangah na feh lo?

Why did you do that? Ziang ruangah kha tin na tuah?