Pawimawh cakkhai/Ni-khua sia tha/Hnatuan


13. Emergency


Are you allergic to anything? Pa khat khat thawn kaih lo mi na nei maw?

Are you ready? Na man maw?

Call me. In ko aw

Did you send me flowers? Pang par in kuat maw?

Do you sell batteries? Battery na zuar?

I don't care. Ziang ka poi lo

I give up. Ka sung khan

I got in an accident. Van siat ka tong

I have a cold. Dai ka ngah

I have one in my car. Ka motor sungah pa khat ka nei

I made this cake. Hi mi hmuk ka tuah

I still have a lot to do. Tuah ding tam pi ka nei lai

I still haven't decided. Ka rel cat thei hrih lo

I'm a teacher. Saya ka si

I'm self-employed. Mah te hna tuan nei ka si

It depends on the weather. Nu khua thu si

It's very cold today. Tui sun cu a va dai ve

My luggage is missing. Ka bawm a um lo

My stomach hurts. Ka pum a na

My throat is sore. Ka dang a na

My watch has been stolen. Ka nazi in ruk sak

Take this medicine. Hi mi sii ei aw

The accident happened at the intersection. Lam zin tong awk nak ah accident a um

There has been a car accident. Khi nak motor accident a um

Where can I exchange U.S. dollars? US dollar khui ah ka thleng thei ding

Where do you work? Khui ah hna na tuan?

Where's the nearest hospital? A naih bik sii zung khui ah si?

Where's the post office? Ca thlak nak zung khui ah si


16. Weather


Come here. Hi nak ra aw

Do you think it'll rain today? Tui sun ruah sur ding na zum maw?

Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow? Thai sun ruah a sur ding na zum maw?

Does it often snow in the winter in Massachusetts? Massachusetts hi thlatang caanah vur a tlak ring ring theu maw?

How's business? Na hna ttuan ziang a bang?

Is it close? A nai thlang maw?

Is it possible? A cang thei ding maw?

Is it ready? Man thlang maw?

It costs 20 dollars per hour. Nazi pa khat ah dollar20 a man

It hurts here. Hi tawk a na

It will arrive shortly. Hma khat te ah a thleng ding

It's far from here. Hi tawk in a hla si

It's going to be hot today. Tui sun a sa zet ding

It's north of here. Hi tawk in vorh lam ah si

It's over there. Khi tawk ah si

It's raining. Ruah a sur re ro

It's too late. A tlai tuk

It's very important. A thu pi ngai ngai

The roads are slippery. Lam zin a naal zet

What will the weather be like tomorrow? Thai sun ni khua ziang a bang ding?

What's the room rate? Khan man ziang hmuah si?


15. Work


6 dollars per hour. Nazi pa khat ah dollars fang 6

Are you waiting for someone? Mi pa khat khat hngak mi na nei maw si?

Are you working today? Tui sun hna na tuan maw?

Bring me my shirt please. Zang fah ten ka kawr in ken sak aw

Do you like to watch TV? TV na zoh duh maw?

Do you like your boss? Na hna tuan nak pa na duh maw?

Have you finished studying? Na zir thluh thlang maw/

He works at a computer company in New York. New York in computer company ah hna a ttuan

He's an Engineer. Anih cu engineer si

He's very hard working. Hna ttuan zuam zet mi si a si

How long have you worked here? Kha tawk ah ziang tik tiang hna na ttuan zo?

How many hours a week do you work? Zarh khat ah nazi pa ziat sung hna na ttuan?

How much money do you have? Poisa ziang zat na nei?

How was the trip? Na khual tlawng ziang a bang?

How's the weather? Ni khua cu ziang tin si?

I forget. Ka theih hngilh

I still have a lot of things to buy. Lei ttul mi tam pi ka nei lai

I'm good. Kei cu ka ttha

I'm ready. Kei ka man

I've seen it. Ka hmu zo

What do you do for work? Ziang hna na ttuan?

What do your parents do for work? Na nu le pa ziang hna an ttuan?

What does he do for work? Anih ziang hna a ttuan?

What does your father do for work? Na pa ziang hna a ttuan?

What time do you go to work everyday? Ni tin ten ziang tik caanah hna ttuan na feh?

What's the matter? Ziang poi um?

When do you arrive in the US? US ah ziang tik na thleng?

When do you get off work? Hna ttuan ziang tik nan cawl?

Where did you put it? Khui ah na ret?

Where do you want to go? Khui ah na feh duh?

Where does it hurt? Khui tawk a na?

14. General


And you? Nang teh

Anything else? A dang um lai maw?

Are they the same? An za ten an bang aw maw?

Are you afraid? Na thla phang maw?

Are you going to attend their wedding? An neih awk nak puai na feh ve ding maw?

Are you married? Nu pi na nei maw?

Are you okay? Na rem ko maw?

Are you sick? Na dam lo maw?

Behind the bank. Bank dung ah

Can I borrow some money? Poi sa ka lo cawi thei pei maw?

Can I have the bill please?  Zang fah ten a Bill ka nei thei ding maw?

Can you call back later? Ne ta deuh ah na ko thei sal ding maw?

Can you call me back later? Ne ta deuh ah in ko thei sal ding maw?

Can you carry this for me? Hi mi ka hrangah in khai sak thei ding maw?

Can you fix this? Hi mi in rem sak thei ding maw?

Can you give me an example? Tah tthim nak in pek thei ding maw?

Can you speak louder please? Zang fah ten, ring deuh in na sim thei ding maw?

Can you swim? Ti na leuh thei maw?

Do you accept U.S. Dollars? US dollar nan duh ko maw?

Do you have a girlfriend? Fala na nei maw?

Do you have a problem? Buai nak na nei maw?

Do you have an appointment? Tong awk dingin tiam awk cia na nei maw?

Do you hear that? Cu mi na thei ngah maw?

Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel? Ziang tin Marriott Hotel thleng thei ding na thei?

Do you know what this means? Hi mi ziang a ti san na thei maw?

Do you know where I can get a taxi? Khui ah Taxi ka sang thei ding?

Do you know where my glasses are? Ka mitkharh khui ah um ti na thei maw?

Do you like your co-workers? Na hna tuan pi pawl na thei maw?

Do you need anything else? Ttul mi na nei lai maw?

Do you understand? Na thei thiam maw?

Does he like the school? Tlawng cu ziang tin a ruat?

Give me the pen. Cafung in pe aw

How do you know? Ziang tin na thei?

How is she? Cu nu cu ziang a bang?

How long is it? Ziang tluk a rei zo?

How many? Khui zat si?

How much is it? Ziang zat si?

I have a lot of things to do. Tuah ding tam pi ka nei

In 30 minutes. Minute 30 sungah

Is anyone else coming? Zo ra ding an um maw?

Is everything ok? Ziang kim a rem maw?

Is it cold outside? Aleng a dai maw?

Is it far from here? Hi tawk in a hla maw?

Is it hot? A sa maw?

Is it raining? Ruah a sur maw?

Is there anything cheaper? Aman ol deuh um maw?

Is your son here? Na fapa hi nak um maw?

Should I wait? Ka hngak ding maw?

The big one or the small one? A ne tu maw a tum tu?

The cars are American.American motor si

Were there any problems? Thu buai um maw?

Were you at the library last night? Mizan library na feh maw?

What are you doing? Zaing na tuah re ro?

What are you thinking about? Ziang thu na ruat re ro?

What are you two talking about? Nan pa hnih ten ziang thu nan rel re ro?

What did you do last night? Mizan ziang na tuah?

What did you do yesterday? Mani ziang na tuah?

What did you think? Ziang na ruat?

What do they study? Ziang na zir?

What do you have? Ziang na nei?

What do you think? Ziang na ruat?

What happened? Ziang cang?

What is it? Ziang si?

What is that? Kha mi ziang so?

What should I wear? Ziang ka hruk ding?

What's in it? A sungah ziang um?

What's the temperature? Asa lam ziang zat si?

What's this? Hi mi ziang si?

What's up? Ziang bang?

Where are you from? Khui ah um si na si?

Where can I rent a car? Khui ah motor ka sang thei ding?

Where did it happen? Khui ah hi mi a cang?

Where did you learn it? Khui ah na zir?

Where is he from? Khui tawk mi si a si?

Where is he? Khui ah si a si?

Which is better, the spaghetti or chicken salad? Spaghetti le arr sa salad ah khui mi tu si thaw deuh?

Which one do you want? Khui mi tu na duh?

Which one is cheaper? Khui mi tu man ol deuh?

Which one is the best? Khui mi si ttha bik?

Which school does he go to? Ziang tlawng a kai?

Who are they? Zo pawl si?

Who are you looking for? Zo na hawl re ro?

Who is it? Zo si?

Who taught you that? Kha mi zo in a lo zirh?

Who's calling? Zo in si ko re rot u?

Who's that man over there? Kha tawk um pa cu zo si?

Why did you say that? Ziang ruangah kha tin na sim?

Will you pass me the salt please? Zang fah ten cii te in run pek ding maw?

Will you put this in the car for me? Hi mi ka hrangah motor sungah in ret sak thei ding maw?

Would you ask him to call me back please? Zang fah ten in rak ko sal dingin na sim thei ding maw?

Yes. Aw

You have a very nice car. Motor mawi zet na nei ual

You look like my sister. Ka far nu thawn nan bang aw zet