Hmun/Phone sut awkdan



Across from the post office. Ca thlak nak zung lan ah

At 3 o'clock. Na zi pa 3 ah

Be quiet. Dai ten um uh

Can you recommend a good restaurant? Rawl dawr ttha in sim thei pei maw?

He studies at Boston University. Boston University ah ca a zir

Here it is. Hi mi si

Here you are. Hi nak si

He's in the kitchen. Rawl suan nak ah a um

How far is it to Chicago? Chicago hi ziang tluk a hla

How far is it? Ziang tluk a hla?

How many miles is it to Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania tiang peng ziat a hla?

I like to watch TV. TV zoh ka duh

I was going to the library. Library ah ka feh re ro

I was in the library. Library ah ka um

I'd like a single room. Minung pa khat um nak  hmun ka duh

It's delicious! A va thaw ve!

It's half past 11. 11:30 si

It's less than 5 dollars. Dollars fang 5 hnak in a mal sawn

It's more than 5 dollars. Dollars fang 5 hnak in a tam

It's near the Supermarket. Supermarket kiangah si

it's not suppose to rain today. Tui sun cu ruah sur lo ding si nan

It's ok. Ziang poi lo

It's on 7th street. Lam zin pa 7 nak ah si

It's really hot. A va sa ngai ve

It's suppose to rain tomorrow. Thai sun ruah a sur men ding

Let's go. Feh uh si

Maybe. Si men thei

More than 200 miles. Peng 200 ai in tam

My house is close to the bank. Ka inn cu bank thawn nai ah si

Near the bank. Bank kiangah si

On the left. Na keh lamah

On the right. Na vorh lam ah

On the second floor. Sawng hnih nak ah

Outside the hotel. Riah inn lengah

Over here. Hi nak

Over there. Kha tawk ah

The book is behind the table. Ca bu cu ca buai dungah si

The book is in front of the table. Ca bu cu ca buai hmai ah si

The book is near the table. Ca bu cu ca buai kiangah si

The book is next to the table. Ca bu cu ca buai pangah si

The book is on top of the table. Ca bu cu ca buai tlunah si

There are some books on the table. Ca buai tlunah ca bu mal te a um

There's a book under the table. ca buai tangah ca bu a um

We're from California. Kan nih cu California in si

What's the address? Address ziang si?

Where are you going? Khui ah na feh re ro?

Where is it? Khui ah si?

Where would you like to go? Khui ah na feh duh?

Who won? Zo in a neh?


6. phone/mail


Can I see your passport please? Zang fah ten na passport ka zoh thei pei maw?

Can I take a message? Cu cuh thu ka va sim thei ding maw?

Can I try it on? Ka ti sin thei pei maw?

Can we sit over there? Khi tawk ah kan va to thei pei maw?

Did you come with your family? Nan sung kua in maw nan ra?

Do you think it's possible? Hi mi a cang thei ding tin na ruat maw?

Here's my number. hi mi ka numbet si

He's not in right now. Anih tu hi nak a um lo

Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please? Hi, zang fah ten Mrs. Smith kha nak a um?

I have three children, two girls and one boy. Fa pa thum ka nei, nu nau pa hnih le mipa pa khat

I need some tissues. Kut hnul nak mal lai ka ttul

I want to give you a gift. Laksawng ka lo pe duh

I'd like some water too, please. Zang fah ten, ti dai mal ten khal ka duh ding

I'd like to buy a bottle of water, please.

I'd like to buy something. Thil pa khat ka lo lei sak duh

I'd like to go to the store. Dawr ah ka feh duh

I'd like to rent a car. Motor ka sang duh

I'd like to send a fax. Fax ka kuat duh

I'd like to send this to America. Hi mi America ah ka kuat duh

I'd like to speak to Mr. Smith please. Zang fah ten, Mr. Smith ka biak duh

I'll be right back. Ka ra sal ding

I'll call back later. Neta ah ka ko sal ding

I'll call you on Friday. Ni 5 ni ah ka lo ko ding

I'll teach you. Ka lo zirh ding

I'm ok. Kei ziang a poi lo

Is there an English speaking guide? Mirang ttong thiam hruai tu an um maw?

Male or female? Nu nau maw mi pa?

My cell phone doesn't have good reception. Ka cell phone hin ttha ten ka thei thei lo

My cell phone doesn't work. Ka cell phone a ngah lo

Please take off your shoes. Zang fah ten, na ke dam phoih aw

Sorry, I think I have the wrong number. a va poi ve, a numbet ka sual si ding

What is the area code? An peng kawh nak numbet ziang zat si?

What's the name of the company you work for? Na hna tuan nak company ih hmin ziang si?

What's wrong? Ziang cang?

What's your address? ziang sin a address?

Where can I find a hospital? Khui tawk ah sii zung ka hmu thei ding?

Where's the closest restaurant? Rawl dawr nai bik khui ah si?

Where's the pharmacy? Sii zuar nak dawr khui ah si?

Who are you? Zo na si?

Who is that? Zo si?

Who would you like to speak to? Zo si thu sim duh?

Will you take me home? Inn ah in thlen thei ding maw?

Would you like water or milk? Ti dai maw cawi hnawi na duh?