Biak awk tawndan: TIkcu can

1. Biak awknak tikcu can


A few.   Thil mal te

A little. Mal tak te

A long time ago. Khua hlan lai ah

A one way ticket.  Feh lam(asilo le) tlun nak hrang ticket

A round trip ticket. Feh lam le tlun nak hrang ticket

About 300 kilometers. Km 300 hrawng

Across from the post office. Ca thlak nak zung lan h

All day. Sun ni hlawh

Am I pronouncing it correctly? Ka aw suak a dik maw?

Amy is John's girlfriend. Amy cu John ih fala si.

And you? Nang teh

Anything else?  Ttul lai maw, um lai maw?

Are there any concerts? Khi nak concerts a um maw?

Are they coming this evening? Tu tlai lan an ra ding maw?

Are they the same? An za ten an bang aw maw?

Are you afraid? Na tth maw?

Are you allergic to anything? Pa khat khat thawn kaih lo mi na nei maw?

Are you American? American mi na si maw?

Are you busy? Na buai zet maw?

Are you comfortable? Na nuam aw ko maw?

Are you coming this evening? Tu tlai lam na ra ding maw?

Are you free tonight? Tui zan na man maw?

Are you going to attend their wedding? An nei awk nak ah na tel thei ding maw?

Are you going to help her? Khi nu na va bawm ding maw?

Are you going to take a plane or train? Van zam maw tlang leng na to ding?

Are you here alone? Hi nak nang mah lawng maw um?

Are you hungry? Na ril rawng maw?

Are you married? Nu pi na nei zo maw?

Are you okay? Na ngah maw?

Are you ready? Na ral ring maw?

Are you sick? Na dam lo maw?

Are you sure? Na thu ngai maw?

Are you waiting for someone? Mi pa khat khat hngak mi na nei maw?

Are you working today? Tui sun hna na ttuan ding maw?

Are you working Tomorrow? Thai sun hna na ttuan ding maw?

Are your children with you? Na fa te pawl nang mah thawn nan um tlang maw?

As soon as possible. A cang thei ve ten

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Sun na zi 12 ah

At 3 o'clock. Na zi pa 3 ah

At 5th street. Lam zin pa 5 nak ah

At 7 o'clock at night.evening) Zan lam pa 7 ah maw? Zan ah?

At 7 o'clock in the morning. Zing na zi pa 7 ah

At what time did it happen? Ziang tik canah a cang?

At what time? Ziang tik canah?

2. Common expression


Be careful driving. Na motor ral ring ten mawng aw

Be careful. Ral ring aw

Can you translate this for me? Hi mi ka hrangah ttong in let sak thei pei maw?

Chicago is very different from Boston. Chicago cu Boston hnak in a dang lam ngai ngai

Don't worry. Ziang hman phang hlah

Everyone knows it. Zo khal in an thei ttheh

Everything is ready. Thil ziang kim a tlam tling zo

Excellent. A ttha bik

From time to time. Can khat hnu can khat

Good idea. Ruah nak ttha si

He likes it very much. Hi mi a duh ngai ngai

Help! In Bawm uh!

He's coming soon. A ra cing ding!

He's right. A ti dik

He's very annoying. A thin a heng tuk

He's very famous. A hmin a tthang ngai ngai

How are you? Na dam maw?

How's work going? Na hna ttuan ziang na bang?

Hurry! Zam rang aw!

I ate already. Ka ei zo.

I can't hear you. Ka thei thei lo

I don't know how to use it. Ziang tin hmang ding ti ka thei lo

I don't like him. A nih ka duh lo

I don't like it. Ka duh lo

I don't speak very well. Ttha ten ka ttong thei lo

I don't understand. Ka thei thiam lo

I don't want it. ka duh lo

I don't want that. Kha mi ka duh lo

I don't want to bother you. Ka lo hnai hnok duh lo

I feel good.Ka ttha

I get off of work at 6. Pa 6 ah hna ka cawl

I have a headache. Ka lu a na

I hope you and your wife have a nice trip. Nan nu pa in nan khual tlawng a nuam ka zum

I know. Ka thei

I like her. Khi nu ka duh

I lost my watch. Ka nazi a hlo

I love you. Ka lo duh

I need to change clothes. Thuam hnaw thleng ka ttul

I need to go home. Inn ka tlun ttul

I only want a snack. Thil nep nawi lawng ka ei duh

I think it tastes good. Hi mi ei a tthaw ding ka zum

I think it's very good. Hi mi a ttha zet ding ka zum

I thought the clothes were cheaper. Thuam hnaw pawl a man ol zet ding ka zum nan

I was about to leave the restaurant when my friends arrived. Ka rual pa a thleng kha, rawl dawr in ka suak zik te ah si

I'd like to go for a walk. Mal te sung ka va vak duh

If you need my help, please let me know. Zang fah ten, Ka bawm na ttul le, in thei ter leh aw

I'll call you when I leave. Ka feh zawngah ka lo ko leh ding

I'll come back later. Ne ta ah ka ra sal ding

I'll pay. Kei mah ka pe ding

I'll take it. Kei mah ka lak ding

I'll take you to the bus stop. Bus cawlh nak tiang ka lo thlah ding

I'm an American. American mi ka si

I'm cleaning my room. Ka un nak khan ka thiang fai

I'm cold. A dai ka ti

I'm coming to pick you up. Ka lo rak hmuak ding

I'm going to leave. Tu ka feh thlang ding

I'm good, and you? Kei cu ka ttha, nang teh

I'm happy. Ka lungawi

I'm hungry. Ka ring rawng

I'm married. Nu pi ka nei zo

I'm not busy. Ka buai zet lo

I'm not married. Nu pi ka nei hrih lo

I'm not ready yet. Ka ral ring man hrih lo

I'm not sure. Ka thei fel lo

I'm sorry, we're sold out. A va poi ve, kan zuar ttheh zo

I'm thirsty. Ka ti hal

I'm very busy. I don't have time now. Ka man lo tuk, tu fang can ka nei lo

Is Mr. Smith an American? Mr. Smith hi American mi a si maw?

Is that enough? Hi mi a tawk maw?

It's longer than 2 miles. Peng hnih hnak in a hla sawn

I've been here for two days. Hi tawk ah ni hnih ka um zo

I've heard Texas is a beautiful place. Texas hi a hmun a mawi zet tin ka thei so khaw

I've never seen that before. A hlan ah hi mi ka hmu dah lo

Just a little. Mal te sung

Just a moment. Hma khat te

Let me check. Ka vun zoh fel ding

Let me think about it. Hi thu ka ruat ta ding

Let's go have a look. Feh in va zoh tlang sehla

Let's practice English. Mi rang ttong hi cin uh si

May I speak to Mrs. Smith please? Zang fah ten Mrs. Smith ka biak thei pei maw?

More than that. Kha mi ngai ih tam

Never mind. A poi lo

Next time. Ne ta ah

No, thank you. A poi lo, ka lungawi

No. Attul lo, a poi lo

Nonsense. Ruah nak nei lo

Not recently. A cang leuh leuh lo

Not yet. Si hrih lo

Nothing else. Ziang ttul nawn lo

Of course. Si e

Okay. Si ko

Please fill out this form. Zang fah ten hi mi form hi fam kim in ngan aw

Please take me to this address. Zang fah ten hi mi address ah in thlen aw

Please write it down. Zang fah ten hi mi par ah ngan aw

Really? Thu ngai maw?

Right here. Hi tawk ah

Right there. Kha tawk ah

See you later. Ne ta ah kan ttong aw sal ding aw

See you tomorrow. Thai sun ah kan hmu aw sal ding aw

See you tonight. Tui zan ah kan tong aw ding aw

She's pretty. Kha nu khi a mawi ual

Sorry to bother you. Ti palh, ka lo hnai hnok sual

Stop! Cawlaw! Ding aw!

Take a chance. Caan lak aw

Take it outside. A leng ah suah aw

Tell me. In sim aw

Thank you miss. Miss, ka lungawi

Thank you sir. Sir, ka lungawi

Thank you very much. Tam zet ka lungawi

Thank you. Ka lungawi

Thanks for everything. Thil ziang kim ruangah ka lungawi

Thanks for your help. In bawm nak parah ka lungawi

That looks great. Zoh a mawi zet

That smells bad. A rim a sia

That's alright. Kha tin a tawk, a ttha

That's enough. A tawk zo

That's fine. A ngah tuk

That's it. Kha si mei

That's not fair. Kha tin a dik lo, fel lo

That's not right. Kha tin a dik lo

That's right. Kha tin a dik

That's too bad. Kha cu a ttha lo zet si maw

That's too many. A va tam ve

That's too much. A tam tuk aw

The book is under the table. Ca bu cu ca buai tang ah a um

They'll be right back. An ra kir sal ding,

They're the same. An za ten an bang aw

They're very busy. An man lo zet

This doesn't work. Hi tin a ngah lo

This is very difficult. Hi tin  a har ngai ngai

This is very important. Hi mi a thu pi ngai ngai

Try it. Ti sin aw, tuah hnik aw

Very good, thanks. A ttha tuk, ka lungawi

We like it very much. Ka duh zet

Would you take a message please?  Thu hla in sim sak thei pei maw? Thu kan lo cak thei pei maw?

Yes, really. Aw, si ngai

Your things are all here. Na thil ri hmuah hmuah hi nak  a um

You're beautiful. Na va mawi ve

You're very nice. Na va duh nung ve

You're very smart. Na thiam tuk aw