April 12. 2013.


A reflection from meeting with the CHRO team and reading the report, “Threats to our existence: Persecution of Ethnic Chin Christians in Burma.” 


The CCOC mission was withdrawn less then 20 years ago, declaring victory that the Chins are Christians within 100 years since the American Baptist missionaries entered the land. But in reality, it is now estimated that above 60% Chins are Christians. The majority of members of the Chin state government legislative body are Buddhists. The report says, within Chin State, 13 crosses were destroyed, 15 Buddhist pagodas or monasteries are built with forced labors exacted from Chin Christians, more than 40 incidents of tortures or ill treatments against the Chin Christians documented, and 24 official complaints for violations of human rights and religious freedom were recorded. There are hundreds or thousands of Chin children being trained at the   Na Ta La schools. Under the ministry of Religious Affairs and Border Affairs, there are programs being used to promote Buddhism among the Chin Christians, funded by the central government.


The Chin state is now under severe COLD WAR, the spiritual warfare.


In 1988, above hundred young Chin students were left the land to fight for political liberation, a democratic rule in the country. After 25 years, no progress in the country, as the result. If those students were sent for spiritual warfare in the land, the pagodas and religious monasteries in Chin state may never exist. The crosses on the tops of the Chin Hills may remain as symbols of our people's faith and loyalty to the living God.

In Burma, the Karen did receive the Gospel of Jesus, before the Chin people. The Karens were blessed above all other ethnic groups in Burma at that time. The Karen's chose to fight for political liberation rather than the spiritual liberation of the land. After half a century, it could be said that the people are dismayed. After more than 100 years since the missionary landed to the Karen land, it is said only 40% of the Karens are Christians. (Remember, the KNU were divided by religion). What war, for sure, the Chin people choose to fight, place as top warfare of the people, will determine the destiny of the Chin people. If our people choose the spiritual warfare to expand the kingdom of God, God himself shall fight and victory is, without question, ours.


Our people need to see now the whole scope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our people have to leave childish live to grow and live grown-up Christian lives, not always hanging on the cross but walk the risen live. Leave the elementary teachings of the Gospel and carry the cross in daily walk, in politics, professionalism, commerce, societal leaderships, community organization, in family, and in all context of human relation.


Our forefathers had lived in a solid, independent society, taking care of their own national history, without the help and assistance of any foreign nation. Now, having been ruled by the Burmese for more than half a century, this generation totally losses the moral obligation of national responsibility. Our religious teachings do not provide the whole foundation of human existence. Having been destroyed the principles of the foundation of our existence as one people with national dignity, now our people loss the foundation and national ground from where our ideas and life philosophy must be grounded, based, and fixed. Our national leaders, spiritual leaders fail to provide the fundamental life principles for the whole context of our existence as a people, a nation. Now is the time, although it is late, to dig out the Gospel truth, the Biblical foundation for the principles of our whole existence, providing solid principle for social, politics, economic, and in all areas of human relation and life.


How long our people shall keep walking in darkness? How long shall our people fight each others for name, ( eg., to be known as 'potatoes" or " a-lu")? How long our leaders shall keep fighting for tiny slave opportunity? How long our people shall indoctrinate hatred into the hearts of our people against our own leaders? How long our people shall keep building walls after walls among us in the name of religious denomination, tribalism, political party, social club and interest group? How long our people shall astray from the right path? How long our people shall walk in darkness while claiming to receive the light of Jesus? How long our people shall refuse to take national responsibility? How long our people keep fighting, like a group of crow fighting for the flesh of a dead elephant being flown on a river toward the sea? How long our leaders shall be blinded from seeing the perilous spiritual warfare in the land?


If any people group, missing the whole divine purpose of life, loss belief system that guides all areas of life, politics, social, economics and etc. a mere physical existence is nothing. If any people group takes no national responsibility and has no moral obligation for the course of their own national history, a mere physical existence is nothing more than living dead.  


When shall our people stand up together and join hand to fight the spiritual warfare? When shall our leaders humble themselves before God and let the Spirit of God reign in their whole life, thoughts, words, plans, actions and decision-makings? When shall our people empty their selfish ambition and totally surrender under God? If there were no God in the Chin history, where would our people stand now? If there were no messenger from God, what our people would look like today? Who brought us to this far? Who raised us up to this global screen? Who gave us literature? Who gave us history? Lets not forget about the gracious act of God upon the Chin people. Lets humble ourselves and seek the will of God. Lets bow down our heads and let Him reign on/in us. Its not with might, its not with chariots, its not with AK 47, its not with nuclear bombs, its not with guns and bullets, its not with $$, its not with education and human intelligent, its not with political games and crown, but by the Spirit of the Lord that our people would win the war. If He reigns in us, all the rest shall be given unto us.



Trust in God, those physical images are just laughing stuffs for God. Unless they are the reflection of the reality of the hearts of the people, visible images can do nothing. Let the Spirit of God reign in our hearts, our land, and our people.



Note: Thanks to Pu Van Biak Thang and Pu Khaipi for spending time with me. And also Thanks to Pastor Zo Thang and Pu Thla Sui for visiting.



Abut the author: Rev. Hre Mang, a pastor of Falam Christian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Served the State of Indiana as a public employee for 7 years (2003-2011) before he responded God’s call for fulltime ministry. A former 8888 student activist. Education-B.A. political Science (2002), Hartwick College, New York, USA, Master of Public Affairs (M.P.A. 2005), Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA. B.Th., M.Th. Theology, Cohen Theological Seminary, India campus. He now studies Ph.D. in leadership from Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN. USA.