Moses Mang                                         May 3, 2010

        Family is very important. You should always hang out with your family. Family are your friends. They are who you should play with, instead of playing with your friends. You can play board games, math games to improve your math grade in school, or just play any sport.

Your family is the ones who take care of you, if your parents never existed, you would have never been born! Parents are the ones who fed you when you were a baby, and still feed you now if you’re still a kid.

You should always respect your parents, and your family, and especially elders. Never be disrespectful to your elders, family, and cousins. You need to honor everyone older then you, and still respect the people younger then you by treating them nicely. Parents, cousins, elders, and family have always been supporting you since you where a baby till now  which you are probably a kid, parent, or in your old ages, your parents, and your family have been with you all your life.

Cousins are also part of your family. Cousins also supported you also like your parents do. Your cousins are the ones that are almost like your parents, they would feed you if your parents are gone, they give you clothes, and they give you a bath if your parents tell your cousin to, and a lot of other things.

        Moms are a very, very important part of your family, since they are the ones that give birth to you. Moms are the one who give you clothes, or buys them. Moms are usually the ones who buy the groceries. Back in the 1800’s and the 1900’s moms are usually the ones who knits the clothes for their children or their husband.

                Dads are also very important, if there was a son with no dad who would be the one to teach the son to be like a boy? Dads or men are usually the ones that do most of the building. Dads are very important if there wasn’t any, where would the strong men buildings go to? If there wasn’t any men would women have to do building, cooking and taking care of the baby all day by herself?