A Historical Call

A Historical Call

Today’s generation faces the challenges culturally, socially, politically, and morally. For decades, the shape and image of the Chin society is collapsed, the social order distorted, the political system completely immersed, and the moral trend totally derailed. Economically, people are poor, hangry, angry, devastated, and to get a daily food is the greatest challenge of the day for most majority Chins inside the country. People are disorganized, fragmented, and diversified. There is an outstanding historical call, no one has answered yet. Who will answer the call?

Before the British’s invasion, our people enjoyed the fruit of their labor nature provided. The social order was well structured, though the political system could have been better. Economically, though primitive in nature, people were well fed. Citizens were happy and submissive to the rule of their own respective chiefs, for they received, in return, protection, social esteem, and confidence in soceital leadership. Celebration and festivities kept all traditions alive, passing the Chin proprieties on to the next generation. The justice system protected all citizens equally without giving any advantage to anyone and with special consideration to the poor and needy. Once, the Chins were famous and welknown to others, for their moral integrety, honesty, courage, truthfulness, hard working, passionate, loving, and altruistic attitude in society. Now, the suppposed to be morally higher religion, Christianity fails to enforce moral principles in the Church as well as in the society, love, unity, and harmonous human relations have been cornerned.Everyone has to meet his or her daily end by any means.

The societies of the world around us develop every second, minute, day and night.The globilization opens up doors to the far or near neighboring countries to penetrate inside the land our people occupy and share. Our poverty becomes more obvious which become shame and burdensome to the world and to our young generation. In search of means to meet human wants and curiousity, our people travel around the world, adapting both good and bad life styles, bahaviour and way of life. Most, if not all, advanced young generation travel abroad or left the Chin Hills for search of a better life. The Chin society totally lost its regime value control system that anything that safices a temporary human curiousity is justified in both public as well as privite life. Now, the call comes to every Chin to manuver the turn of hisotry in favor of the longtime collective interest of all Chins.

Formerly, in the Chin society, the poor, the needy, and the least fortunate individuals and families were helped by members of the community; food, shelter, and volunteer services were provided freely. The poor and helpless enjoyed the collective status quo of the people in the scoceity; comfort, belongingness, and collective protection created a healthy social environment. Now, the marchants, politicians, travelers, businessmen and women bring home both financial wealth and strange moral attitude and behaviours, overriding the pre-existing value system in the society. Politically, the Chins are fragmented, diversified, and totally lost the collective vision and endevour for the future of the Chin people. Citizens disengaged from public agendas, and distance from national politics and essential progressive social development, leaving the turn of history at the hand of a few key players of non Chins. Traditionaly, our forefathers managed our own national course, drew the lines for reciporcal human relations, governed our own soceity, protecting and preserving our own proprieties. Now, the Chin people’s history is emersed into the historical sea of mounring and lamentation. The call, hisotrical call, is outstanding, WHO WILL GO!