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We Struggle, We Walk Together

We All Struggle We All Walk Together

(Hre Mang, December 2003)


This is a moment when we all have to work together

This is a moment when the history challenges us

We need one another to tie up our common enemy

None of us is strong enough to go alone

None of us is wise enough to blow the trumpet yet


Call a little one, call a big brother and sister; let them play their music


Oo yea! a fool may say “I don’t need you”

Oo yea! a fool may say “I have done enough”

That is the work of the devil to divide us

None of us has done enough to free our people

None of us is weak to be fooled by ignorant


See! The world is ready to clap their hands or laugh at our madness


Hate is the weapon of the enemy

Whoever hates is undemocratic

We are democratic lovers, singers

Proud is ignorant and blind

That victimized the lives of our dear ones


Let our people be proud of us when we release them from bondage


Each of us can do a little thing

When we sum up such little thing

That’s what will tear down the enemy

We see a great thing and do a little thing

So we don’t boast on our selves

But humble as though we are weak


Until none of our children is left behind, our joy will not complete


We are just part of the history

Without us the world will still go

We see ourselves in the context of time and reason

We compare our work with the challenge of time

We consider ourselves no better than our dear ones

We all do the same task from different aspect


We have along way to go, lets not rest on the past


Revolution is neither the work of the prisoners nor the free riders

Revolution is the work of the people who love and is the product of free mind


Victory is out of love, love by joint committed souls