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aN Unqualified Servant



A note to FCCI Intermediate Sunday School students: Jan 2010


If it depends on my will, I would rather ask God other mission in life,

If God ask me what I would love to die for, I would say to die for my people,

If He ask me again, my qualification to serve Him, I would say “nothing”.

But when I received the irresistable call of God on me, to serve Him I was amazed,

Calculating the potetial pain I might cause upon His children, I was in awe!

Not long before I started calling myself, His servant, I feel like a little child,

Not knowing how to handle His massive grace, the management of His love!


If it depends on my will, I would rather suffer myself then causing pain to whom I love!

I feel like a child, who knows not how to express his love but simply smile or cry!

But anything that comes along my way humbles me before my Master!

If it is not my choice who I serve, what fruits I bear, what I earn, whether pain or joy!

To Him alone I am accountable, and everything He has bestowed unto me is for Him!

With failures, He proofs me that with all I have and I can, nothing I can do for Him!

But all the pains caused by my failures empty me that He takes total control over me!


My dear little ones, I am just one among many fool servants, one broken hearted, 

In my young age, I was crashed because of my zeal and love for my people,

And another time, due to failure to meet my Master’s expectation!

Nevertheless, I leanred lessons money cann’t buy, that failure is one best teacher!

Someone who never dares to fail never reach high, failure and adversity help reach goal!

Fail earlier, fail often, and fail forward, said a leader! Embrace failure as a teaching tool!


I am just an undeserved and humble servant! I am going to miss some of you,

But my heart and pray will go with you always! Promise me you will be faithul to the Lord until death or even when it costs all you have, your joy, and happiness, your dream!

The greater the mission, the tougher the challenges we have to deal with,

The futher we aim, faster we have to walk, the greater the enemy, the greater the reward.

We all are humans with our own weakness and short commings; let’s keep striving ahead!

The joy of the Lord is our strength and His love endures forver! We shall all one day join HIM!