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 Jan 2010

Human history, at least from the written forms and land marks, tell us our destiny,

The past, the current, and the future generation, we all share one planet and one universe,

There are huge gaps between the rich and the poor, the fools and the wise, the timid and the heroes,

But all the past generations are gone, and the current ones diminishing and the future will one day as well!

What one’s mind can conceive in one’s life time is minimal compared to all things that ever exists!

The fears, the pains, the joy, the wills, the wishes, and dreams of the past dictate path of today’s generation!

But overall, the creator of the universe determines the destiny of all things for His own purpose and will!


The Great Wall of China tells us the Chinese Emperor Qin’s fear of the northern invaders,

The Berlin Wall tells us the fear of the Russian controlled Eastern German leaders,

The dark ages of nations, the disappearances of heroes, leaders, world honorable figures and names,

All tell us unarguably how feeble and helpless human we are, just to live limited time and space on earth!

But still people keep building barriers, walls, blocks, and towers to portray their fears and insecurities!

Owe, what pitiful human we are, spending all forces and resources to portray fears without success!

The Chinese Emperor Qin disappeared but only the Great Wall remains as a remark of mankind’s fear!



Look around your world! You will see walls after walls, towers, and lines, built by human hands, at the expenses of human lives and happiness! Pushed by fear, fear of losing interest, people spent immeasurable amount of visible and invisible resources! At the end, like all the Walls of history, they will all prove to us that they labor in vain, and leave the future generation landmarks of fears.

There are social walls, religious walls, political and ethnic walls, economic walls, racial walls, all built with human costs,

While trying to protect their interest, they caused loss of more important and much costly things!

While trying to preserve happiness and satisfaction of human instinct, more people die and cry!



Who will save mankind from the push of fearful mental instinct? What will release them from their fears!

What will stop people from building walls, weapons, nuclear and atom bombs, lines and barriers?



In all written human history, proven by lives of billion people on earth, there was only one man who ever set mankind free!

Free from fear and shame, free from fearful mental instinct and from the forceful push of human wants and desire!

He lived for a short period of time, had a few friends, had no or little possession, and kept no fame but blame!

He walked like an ordinary guy, ate, and talked with simple language, shared and cleared human experiences,

The man name was Jesus Christ, whose birth was foretold thousand years before, whose birth turned the world history upside down! He removed human fears and replaced with love, he proved his love by dying on the cross!

He proved his fearless heart by his choice of sufferings the most distasteful pain, humiliation, lost of human dignity!

He didn’t build any wall but tore down the wall between the Gentiles and the Jews, between the rich and the poor!


Of course, human problem begins at individual level, at one’s bottom of heart, the wall between one another!

Is there any of such wall inside you that prevents you from becoming a channel of love, joy, and peace?

Or may be the wall is within you that prevent you from exercising your freedom, restraining you all the times!

Search your heart, search your soul, and search your indepth down! If there is any, there is someone to set you free!

Free to enjoy yourself, your time, your relationship, your future and all that is related to you!

Then, you will learn how to enjoy yourself, your pain, your world, and your God forever right from now on!


He said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

That means, the truth will set you, your family, your party, your association, your relationship, your country free.

That means, in other words, not knowing the truth, your ignorance is what restrain you from freedom!


He also said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”

That means authority over all creation, over your pain and problem, your destiny and future!

To set all free to enjoy life, God forever.


Be free and enjoy your God forver!



 Jan 2010

Ca sung ngan mi le leitlun thuanthu in milai hmakhua thu in sim; a cemzo mi, a tu, le hmailam milai thlah pawl, kan zaten leitlun pakhat kan tawm aw aw. Milian mifarah, mifim mi aa, le mi ralttha le tihhrut pawl lakah danglamnak tumpi a um. Asinan, tu hlan milai thlah pawl an cem zo, a tufang milai pawl an cem rero, hmailam a ra lai ding milai thlah pawl khal an cem ve lai ding. Milai pakhat in a damsungah a ruat/theih thei mi cu ziangkim thawn tahtthim ahcun maltakte lawng asi. Tuhlan milai thlah pawl tihnak, naa tuarnak, lungawi, duhthusam, le sunmang pawlin tuisan milai pawl thuanthu a tuah. Asinan, zapi khaikhawm ahcun ziangkim sersiam tu ih duhnak le tumtahnakin ziangkim ai a rel theh.



The Great Wall of China in China Emperor Qin in saklam ral a tihnak thu in theihter. Berlin Wall in Russian ukmi Nisuaknak German ram hotu pawlih ttihnak thu in theihter. Rampi pawl kumthim sungah thuanthu thim lakah, mi ropi, leitlun hotu le upat tlak zetzet pawl, hminthang le milar pawl hlohralnak pawl thu in in theihter mi cu milai hi ziangvek zangfakza ttawntai so kan si, rei lo te sung nung ih cemral sal ding mi kan sinak in theihter. Sikhal sehla, milai in an tihmi ihsin humhim aw dingin sankhat hnu sakhat phar dawl, rikham an dawrl rero lai thotho.

Aw, ziangtluk zangfakza milai so kan si? Ziang hmuahhmuah cu tihnak langtertu men ah kan hmang rero lai, hlawhtlin ni ti um si loin.  The Great China Wall rak sak thawk tu, Tuluk lalnu, Emporor Qin cu a hloral zo ih the Great Wall cu leitlun milai tihnak thu in theihter dingin a tanglai.


Na kiangkap kha zoh hnik! Phardawl, lungdawl, ri-kham, milai kut in sak mi, milai nunnak le lungawinak cem in an sak mi pawl na hmu ding. Tihnak in a turhhnawh tikah humhim awknak hrangah man siar cawklo hmanrua hmangin hruang le phardawl lungdawl thawn an kulh aw ciamco. Nineta ah, tui hlanih leitlun phardawl dang pawl vekin zianghman hlawhtlinnak um lo, a lakin an cemral zia in theihter leh hai ding.

Pawlkom awknak phardawl, biaknak phardawl, politics le hrin le miphun phardawl pawl cu milai neihmi man khung zetzet thawn dawl an si. Tihnak in an duhzawng an humhim tum laiah a mankhung sawnmi riangri an hlohter. Lungawinak le diriamnak humhalh tum in phar an dawl lai ah mi tamsawn an tap ih an thi hlo ta.


Milai tihnak le an sunglam turhhnawhtu thinthir nak ihsin zo in a runsuak ding? An tihphan nak ihsin zo in a runsuak ding? Milai pawl cu an phardawl, ral do nak bom tuah, le rikham nak ihsin zo in a cawl ter ding?


Leitlun milai thuanthu hmuahhmuah ah, mipum billion milai nun zohtthim ding um in, milai zalen ter tu milai pakhat lawnglawng a rak um dah. Milai tihnak le ningzahnak ihsin zalen ter tu, milai sungmuril ah turhhnawh tu lung thir le thia ter tu, milai duhnak le hiarnak ihsin a zalenter tu milai pakhat lawng a rak um dah asi. Kum rei lote leitlun ah a rak nung, rualpi malte a rak nei, thil le ri ti tlak lo lawng a rak nei, milai hmin thannak a rak nei lo ih mawhsiatnak lawng a rak phur. Mi menmen vekin a rak nungih mi menmen pawl thawn a rak tlangleng, rawl a ei ih tongkam awlsam zet ten thu a rak sim, milai hmuh tawnnak cu a rak tawng ve ih a rak fianter.

A cuih milai pai hmin cu Zesu Khrih asi, a suah hlan kumthawng siar rei ihsin a suah ding thu an rak simcia, leitlun a rung suah tikah leitlun milai thuanthu ling a let ter. Milai thinlung sungih tihnak cu a hlawn hloh ih duhdawtnak in a thleng. Ziangtluk a duhdawt timi cu  tuarnak, khross par ih thihnak in a langter.  Tihnak nei lo thinlung a neih mi cu milai duh um lo zet tuar harsa, hremnak, hnawnnak tuar ding a hril nakin a langter. Phardawl a dawl lo ih Gentel le Jews pawl karlak phardawl, mi farah le milian karlak phar dawl pawl a thiatbal theh.


Si e, milai buainak cu mi pakhat ihsin a thawk, milai thinlung tawdap ihsin a thawk, khat le khat karlak phardawl ihsin. Duhdawtnak, lungawi diriamnak, remdaihnak luansuaknak palai si thei lo dingin na sunglamah ziang phardawlin a lo kham? Culole, na sunglam ih phardawl cun na zalennak cen thei lo dingin ziangtik lak khalah a lo tawntem tla asi thei. Na thinlung sung kha cek fel hnik aw, na sungmuril tawdap kha dap fel hnik aw. Cuvek phardawl a um asi ahcun mi pakhat a lo luat ter thei tu a um asi. Cuticun, nangmah le nangmah, na tikcu, na pehtlaih mi pohpoh, nangmah thawn pehtlaih mi ziangkim nuamcen thei dingin zalennak na ngah ding.

Cuticun nangmah le nangmah, na tikcu, na pehtlai mi, na hmailam, le na ziangkim lungawi diriam zetin cen thiam dingin na zir ngah ding.


 Hitin a sim, “Thutak na thei dingih Thutak in a lo zalen ter ding.:

Sim duhsan cu, Thutak in nangmah, na insang, na khua, na pawlkom, na ram le miphun a lo zalen ter ding.

Umzia cu, tongdangin sim asile, Thutak theih lonak, atnak cu zalennak ihsin a lo dawntu, daltu, khamtu asi.


Hitin a sim, “lei le van sersiam mi hmuahhmuah parah thuneihnak cu ka hnenah pek asi zo.”

Umzia cu sersiam mi ziangkim parah, na natnak le buainak, na hmailam par khalah thuneihnak a nei asi.

Mi zapi ten milai nun le Pathian a kumkhua in center thei dingin.


Zalen aw la na Pathian sankhuk in cen aw!