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Battle Between Heart N Mind

The Battle Between Heart and Mind


When I first saw you I had an unusual impression,

A sense that made memory always alive.

However, my mind never conceived about the future

Not knowing that you would come again on my way

I now have seen the beauty of your soul,

For my heart foolishly feel something (Love?) about you

But my mind repeatedly says “NO, NO.”


And now, I am divided into two

My mind and heart fighting each other seriously

Because mind is fearful, while heart foolish and blind

In the middle I am totally confused

Then, who should I listen to, my heart or my mind?

Or who can help me now? No one, not even God, but only you

Will you? Or you will not.


Tell me what to do, for your word has meaning and yours alone

I am completely lost, knowing nowhere to go

Just keeping friendship is sweet and ok.

But my heart foolishly force me to go beyond (and to say I LOVE YOU)

If I say, I know, I have to apologize to you for saying that

If I am not, I have  to apologize to my heart for refusing it

Oo me lone, in the middle, completely nowhere to go


Why my mind is so fearful, to say to someone “I LOVE YOU”?

What’s wrong to love someone with a pure and sincere heart?

Which is worse to refuse a sincere heart’ earnest request or to say to someone “I LOVE YOU”?

Or not to obey the commend of a fearful mind?

I don’t know, I just simply don’t know. May be God knows.

This is the toughest question my mind ever faced.

And I know any wrong answer can cause a serious loss or pain.


Don’t I, as human being, have a right to tell what my heart feel?

Don’t I, as human being, have a right to love someone?

May be my fate has abused my rights.

And in the middle my heart, a pitiful victim. 

=========================LOVE (Human)==================




I was born out of love and gown up with Love

So my heart became acquainted with Love

And I delighted and softly held it in the bottom of my heart

But Love, from the softest place of my inner circle, has tormented me


If I were born without Love, I thought, I would be far better off


I had walked thousands of miles, because of Love

I had spent thousands of nights with pray, because of Love

But Love mercilessly crashed me and crashed me again and again

I said, Love, please leave me alone, but always following behind me


One day to make me happy and another day to crash me


If there were no Love, hate has no place in me

When people hate me I simply ignore them

But Love, I can’t refuse it or disown it

Even after it crashed me and destroyed the beauty of my soul


Could there be life, without hate without Love?


I now know Love always knocks the door of my heart

I don’t know either to crash me another time or to heal my wound

My mind confuses and my reasoning finds no answer

May be this is life and will always be, if God says so


If Love is so painful as it has been to me, how God endures it?