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2011 Birthday Reflection

My Xth Birthday Reflection

March 8th, 2011


Today, on the anniversary day of my entry into the world, kneeling down before my Creator, I commit all the rest of my life on earth to Him, knowing that for life after this, He has prepared eternal home for me along with all of His children. And when the Spirit inspired me His forgiveness for all my misuse of my past time on earth and let me see clearly my life and time on His palm, I am so relaxed and peaceful against all the dirt, flirts, and skims of the evil one! As I keep growing, the increase of my knowing draws me closer to the reality of my being and my Creator and our relationship much deeper and sweeter! The closer I am to my Creator, the brighter His light, enlightening my insight to see the broken pieces of His own image in me that He is restoring His images in me as I live in Him and  Christ in me!


Looking back to the past;

There were times when I was in a dark-room inside my mother’s womb, worrying nothing.

There were times when my presence creates a lovely and enthusiastic environment.

There were times when I was so innocent and ignorant about the world around me.

There were times when I was introduced the world of trouble and mismanagement. 

There were times when I was standing at the gate of death and knocked the door.

There were times when I was physically totally knocked down on the ground.

There were times when I was spiritually totally knocked down on the floor.

There were times when slanderers, gossipers, accusers fiercely pierced my heart.

There were times when I faced the explosion my maximum stupidities.


There were times when my eyes flooded with tears because of the suffering of my people.

There were times when I pleaded God to take my life for not willing to see the sufferings of my people.

There were times when I felt my heart was so close to that of Moses, like Exodus 32:32, that I named my son Moses!

There were times when I felt like God totally abandoned me and my people for disobeying Him.

There were times when I lost hope for our people because of the actions of the ignorant brethren.


There were times when I lost the meaning of life while crawling thru spiritual dungeon.  

There were times when I blamed others for all the bad things happening in my life and my world.

There were times when I thought I was not the only responsible person for my own happiness and so to blame others all the times for my dissatisfaction.

There were times when I falsely accused others for not making me happy.

There were times when my heart and spirit was totally smashed down on the ground by the twists and turns of history.



But in the Lord;

He restored all my hope and dream and showed me a vision that directs my life straight to the final destination


But I now see the entire root causes of problems are not political, social, financial, physical health, or the ignorance of brethren but broken relationship with Creator.

But I now see that no one in the world has power and authority to condemn me for any reason before God and take away my Creator's promise for me.

I Now see the deceptive tool of my enemy to deceive me and prevent me from accessing my Creator's rich purpose for and in me is my own unbelief, lack of faith and self-righteousness that blame, accuse others, enriching my heart with hatred and bitterness, imprisoning my soul under trap.


Now I walk on a victorious path that my Lord has paved with His own blood.

I now see myself at the palm of my Creator that with His simple word my life and my world can be changed at any time, any level, any rate, any speed.

That He taught me how to walk the life I live on, surfing and enjoying the flow of historical waves.


For years my heart was laboring for self-storage, trying to acquire great things on earth; but I now lay down all I have been given before the Giver-God that He may use them for His purpose as He planned before He made me and formed me!


I now learn that nothing has value in itself without purpose that the purpose of my existence is pre-determined by my ultimate life Designer, my God and my Savior in whom I do exist, move, and live.


I thank God for enlightening me that He did not create anything that can take away His promise from me! Now, as a partaker of divine nature, a steward, a fellow brother in the family of God, to share his glory and reign with Him for eternity, more than anything the world can offer me, I enjoy Him and our relationship every moment, with a deeper longing for the eternal home where His eternal presence shall overshadow everything for the praise of His glory!


Life on earth is temporary and the world is our field of preparation for eternity!

That I, through service and by the working of the Holy Spirit, am being prepared, reshaped, remolded, in the image of the Son of God to share the Son’s eternal reign and glory! Amen!