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2010 Birthday Reflection

My Xth Birthday Reflection

March 8th, 2010




I was born naked but God clothed me thru my parents,
I was born ignorant, but God enlightened me thru His Son Jesus,
I was born sinful, but God justified me by the blood of His Son,
I was born crying , but God made me laugh and enjoy life,
I was born so venerable, but God is my shield!
I was born empty handed, but God, the owner of the universe adopted me to become His son!
Aw, people of the world, share my joy, my day, my life and the most, my God!
For He is so good me and He is there for you to you too!

When I was hungry, lonely, wounded on my way, He was there,
When I was disowned, slandered, mocked by who I loved and cared, He was there,
When I was knocked down by the devil, He was there, reaching me His hand,
When I was standing and knocking door  at the gate of death village, He was there showing me the Way,
When I was driving myself stupidly, crazily, hitting the dead end wall, He was there, showing me the Way!
Aw, people of the world, share my Way, my God for He is so good to me, and He is there for you too!

When my time is regrettably running out on earth, without accomplishing much, He shows me my eternal home where my everlasting future shines!
When my hope and pride were crashed on the ground, He came to me with full of grace, giving me the only  hope of mankind!
When I was acting with my foolish ambition for my people, He patiently waited,
When I was persuaded with pleasures of knowing and gratifying flesh, He graciously delivered me from  the hands of the devil,
When I was disowned, forsaken by my loved ones, He brought me friends,
When I was crashed for failures to meet the challenges of time and reason, He assigned me to a more  important and honorable task for which He will do it with His mighty power,
Aw, people of the world, share my joy, my Way and my God! He is so good to me and He is there for  you too!

 The world is like a tiny chess playground, where and when God plays a game with the devil,

The world still is cover by dark power, where and when people are blind walking,

The world is like a battle ground where God plays with the devil, like a boy plays with his toys,

The world is like a table where God demonstrates his attributes, love, justice, and all mighty power!

The world is like a clinic where babies are born and cleansed for future purpose!

The world is like a tiny court, where God displays His rule as a Jude!
One day, the King of universe will swap away the devil one and his followers, throwing them into eternal fire!
Aw, people of the world, run run  run, without God you are doom!

I now learn how to enjoy everything, even the pain inflicted by the evil one, for that helps me taste the sweetness of God deeper and blissfully,
I now learn how restrain my tongue, not to speak words beyond my knowledge,
I now learn how to think beyond the physical substances that holds all things together,

I now learn how to discern the voices of the dark power and of the Holy One!

I now learn how to calculate my future according the perspectives of the owner of all!

I now learn how funny I was to dance at the devil’s floor, to please mankind!  

I give glory unto God, who opens my eyes and empowers me to control whatever given unto me and to let it go whatever beyond my control.  

Now, He let me enjoy my existence and anything related to me which will continue forever! And my future rest on Him!  

May my whole being glorify His name forever!





Xth Suahni Campha Thlirvel nak

March 8th, 2010

 Lawngfangkheh ih ka suak ih Pathian in ka nulepa hmangin i-thuam,

Ziangtheih mi nei loin ka piangih Pathian in Zesu Khrih eng sungah theihnak i-pek,

Misualin ka piang ih Pathian in a Fapa thisen in i-thianfai,

Tap in leitlunah ka suakih Pathian in i-hnihter, nun diriamnak i-pek,

Tawntai zetin ka piangih Pathian cu i-humhimtu asi,

Ziangnei loin ka piangih ziangkim neitu Pathian in a fapa ah i-canter,

Aw, leitlun milai pawl, ka nun diriamnak, ka can, ka nun le a thupi bik ka Pathian hi i-ttawm ve uh!


Rilrawng, lungleng umhar, hliamhma tuarin ka um canah Amah a um,

Ka duhdawt mi pawlih nawn mi, zuarthlaimi, nautatmi, ka si canah Amah a um,

Satan in thal-ko i-thongthluk canah Amah a rumih a kutin i-kai tho,

Mithi khua sangka king in ka din laiah, Amah a rak um, nunnak Lamzin i-hmuh,

Atnak le mualphonak lamzinah ka feh ih lamzin tawp ka thlen canah, Amah a rak um, Lamzin dik i-hmuhter,

Aw, leitlun milai pawl, ka nun diriamnak, ka can, ka nun le a thupi bik ka Pathian hi i-ttawm ve uh!

Ka leitlun nun cu tuansuak mi mumal nei loin hraphriat tlak zetin a lian cuahco laiah ka kumkhau innpi engmawi i-hmuhter,

Ka porh awknak le ruahsannak cu lei parah a tlakkuai tikah zangfahnak in i-ra hawlih leitlun milai ruahsannak umsun i-coter,

At hlawptlo nakin ka miphun hrang ka tuan rero laiah thinsau zetin i-rak hngak,

Theihnak le tisa nuamnung ah diriamnakin thlem ka si laiah satan kut ihsin i-hum suak,

Ka duhdawtmi pawlin in hnawng, in phatsan can ah rualpi tha i-pek,

Santiluang le milai fimnak in i-phutmi ka tuah pitlin lo canah, keimah sungin Amai humham cahnak thawn A tuansuak dingmi sunlawih tlak tuanvo i-pek,

Aw, leitlun milai pawl, ka nun diriamnak, ka can, ka nun le a thupi bik ka Pathian hi i-ttawm ve uh!

Leitlun cu chess lehnak cabuai vek asi, Pathian in zawte puah vekin satan a lehpi nak vek asi,

Leitlun cu rei lote, thim thuneihnak in a khuh, milai pawl cu mitcaw vaktawi vekin an tawi,

Leitlun cu raldonak hmun vek asi, nauhak te in meinu thawn zawte a puah vekin, Pathian in satan a lehpi nak hmun vek asi,

Leitlun cu Pathian in asinak, diknak, duhdawtnak, le huham cahnak a langternak thuthennak cabuai vek asi,

Leitlun cu naute suahnak zato hmun, naute an thianfai ih hmailam hrang an timtuah nak hmun vek asi,

Leitlun cu zuuthumnak zung, Pathian cu thuthentu a tuannak vek asi,

Ni nikhatkhat ah ziangzongza ih Siangpahrang in satan le a ho pawl cu meilipi sungah a hlawn hlo theh ding,

Aw, leitlun mi pawl, tlan uh, tlan uh, Pathian tel lo cun nan cem asi!


Ziangkim cen thiam dingin tuah cun ka zirsuak zo, satan in ka parah natnak a thlen ter mi hman, Pathian thawn i-naiter tu, Pathian thlumzia diriamzetin i-center tu ah a cang,

Tu ahcun ka theih mi lenglo tongkam thlak lo dingin ka lei kaihhrem dan ka zir zo,

Tu ahcun mithmuh theih lenglamah khawruahdan ka zirzo, cucu ziangkim kaikhawm tu sawn asi,

Tu ahcun thim thuneihnak ih aw le a Thianghlim mi aw thleidan thiamnak ka zir zo,

Tu ahcun ziangkim neitu ih hmuhdan vekin ka hmailam khawkhan cia dan ka zir suak zo,

Tu ahcun at thlakzetin satan zial parah ka rak lam rero dah timi khal ka zir suak zo,

Pathian hnenah sunlawihnak ka pe, ka mit i-vangter zo ih keimai kutsung um felten kaihrem thei dingin huham cahnak i-pek hlei ah keimai kutsung um lomi cu hahdam ten thlah dan ka zir suak zo!

A tu ahcun nun timi le ziangkim keimah thawn a pehtlai mi hmuahhmuah nuamcen dan ka zir zo, sankhuk tiang Pathian thatnak nuamcen sunzawm dan i-zirh zo.  

Ka hmailam cu A kut sungah ka hngat zo!

Ka nun pumhlum hin sankhuk in Amah, ka Pathian cawimawi hram sheh!