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2009 Birthday Reflection

2009 Birth Day Reflection

                    I have been tested in many areas, if I realy am who I say and think I am. My love for my God and His church, my people, myself, and for my family, and my proclaimed life principle has been tested everyday; and one of the best tools to test my love is how much I can forgive. In other words, how much I can bear faults on me and presss to empty myself for God's way.
·                    Every single decision I make every day, the touch, the feeling, the seeing, and action, in all areas I am tested every day! A thought to occupy my inside, the word to come out of my mouth, the keyboard my finger to press, and the step my foot to march on, the cloth I should be wearing, and the people I should associate, and things my eyes rest upon, before I made any of those decisions, I try my best that my conscience always is clear and connected to God and my spirit under His total controlled.
·                    I know, my Lord has my life score which He will one day open before me!
In matter of standing for the people, I learned this; sacrifice alone is not the only criteria needed for victory! And when love and geniune concern is misinterpreted, it is painful.
*       When the people I followed failed, it hehlped me learn that none can be totally trusted but God and God alone that whose total trust depends on God survive all the tests of life.
*       When the people I should be teaching wanted to direct my ways, it amused me and taught me a lesson not to question "why" when my equals want to sit upon me!
*       My own failure stop me complaining over others failure and happily ambrace things we all cannot change but more focus and effort on things I can change.
*        And leadership is not measured by the wieght of the title but by the change one's life impacted while one earth.
*       Humor is looking one's own self from distance and laughing at it! Especially, when one is mad at something meaningless or losing the greater good while trying to capture the lesser good and sometimes even for nothing at all.
*       It is more interesting and fun to see when one is surrounded by emtional vampires, gossipers, slanderers but standing firm and fear no evil.
*       It is priceless to learn how to laugh at one's own self when standing at the opposition corner of hope and expectation!
*       It is nice to have true and mutual friends whom one can share happiness and the joy of success. However, it is more precious to learn that many relationships are simply relying on the self gratification of the other parties.
*       But all should remember that there is no friend like Jesus who will stand beside you even when all friends stand against you!
*       I enjoy the freedom from the enslalvement of self, hatred and slander that what I can not do or others' actions donot bother me much any more! That my critics are my good teachers who I would love to hire with pay  to criticize me every day like my high school teachers when I was young.
*       Pitiful are people whose tongues are hard-wired with gossip and slandering and whose hearts are filled with selfish embition to covertheir own images with otherss failures.
*        It is a simple lesson that people came and ate with me, and hughed me, but even while the food is still inside their stomach, they gossip and slander, such is the vices of the dark power.
Life mission:
*       When I was young, I though I was divinely assigned to change the course of my country, from corrupted governing system to people's choice kind of social order and political system. But my course of life yourney changed my path in stead of changing the course of my country.
*       Now, I ambrace the path my creator has purpose since before I was form.
*       There are pricless wisdom I acquired thru my most disliked and