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Thew Chllanges of the Day: The Choice, the future

The Challenges of the Day: The choice, the future, and the end

We have come along way, passing all the evils of history
Our forefathers have paid the price with lives, tears and blood
They have left us with national pride and heritages
The world around us surrounded us with guns and goddesses
And now the challenges are ahead of us, it depends on our choice
Whether we choose to win or we leave our cause on others to loss

First, the challenges are the tests, whether we do our home work
The tests are morality, concern, commitment, and perseverance
Nothing is lost when power is lost, but when moral test fails nothing is guaranteed
The concern test asks, to love dissents or who can do no good or harm to us
The commitment asks if we are willing to pay the price to win history in our side
And the perseverance, to follow the historical timeline, not to sink into emotional sea

We all are humans with imperfection and limited capacity
Who the fool would claim to do everything right?
Who the ignorant would declare war against nature?
We all fail one day or another, adding mistakes of the days
For nature sake, mistakes do not kill but hatred and anger
Anyone who is filled with hatred and anger is miserable that his end is already begun.

Forgiveness is of the powerful ones but vengeance of the weak

The choice,
Whether to choose the collective and greater goods of all or of a few
Whether to write our collective history or to let our own selfish ambition victimize it
Whether to leave our children with the evils of our days
That is to promote the happiness of others or to insult prudent citizens
That is to preserve the true identity of our people
Or to portray false images to serve the interest of a few
The choice is for us.

It’s hard, for all to discern the best out of many goods
It’s hard to choose the greater good of all against personal interest
But it’s possible if one’s moral stance is grounded on the collective good principle
It is possible, if one’s commitment is to serve the common interest
It is possible if one’s life mission is to serve his or her own people
If not, we are the victims of our own hand made history

Is our future being enslaved by our past or by our self interest?
Are we satisfied with lesser goods against the greater good for all?
Are we all consumed by the means and leave the end untouched?

Make the choice, face the future, and see the end if it is at hand!