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Someone Must be Killed

Someone must be hated or even be killed!

Will You be the One?

Will you dare to be the One?


After long sufferings in the land of Egypt as slaves, and having overcome the most dangerous and toughest people journey in the desert for 40 years, the Jewish society was created by godly people with theocratic rule. During the earlier moment, every law and action in the society was subject under the jurisdiction of their God and savior. Not long enough, time past, and their kings danced in the king’s place with bloody hands with idols worshipers, women from foreigners who later brought the nation to shame. That took thousands years when someone had to be killed to change the course of a nation and of the people of Israel that Jesus was crucified.


The Christian churches were established with sweat and blood during the earlier century after Christ’s ministry on earth. Then, when the Church became too much traditional losing the spirit of the letters of its own existence, it took hundreds of years that someone had to stand up and declared war against the derailing path of the Christian belief that Martin Luther paid the price. (Not to blame protestant or catholic but speaking of spiritual awakening).


More than 200 years ago, the American founding fathers of the nation laid down a basic principle of the American constitution that stated “All men were created equal” which in a practical sense excluded blacks and women. It took 200 years that someone had to be killed to change the course of the society and make the spirit of the letter effective in the American society for which Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. paid the price.


Having celebrated independence days more than 50 times, the Burmese society now astray from its humanly path for which someone has to paid the price that someone must be hated or even be killed for which Daw Aung San Suu Kyi prepared herself as a drink offering being put on the Bama alter.


Now, it’s been more than 100 years that the Chin people stopped bloody tribal wars and celebrated a form of one step further social order. The Chin people were famous in faithfulness, truthfulness, courage, and moral integrity. However, look around business sector, political field, government agencies, and religious field, etc. don’t you think the truthfulness and integrity of the Chin people has gone too far down? Could you see the derail of the moral trend of the Chin people irreparable? Could you see the hatred and deadly dangerous mental deposition exposed through people’s exchange of their inward feelings? Could you see the diminishing turn of the moral integrity of the Chin leaders? Could you see the fragmentation and politicization of the social tenets for the benefits of a few groups (individuals) against the collective interest of all? Could you see the exploitation of the poor and the illiterate and the manipulation of public opportunity and resources to serve the interest of a few against the collective interest of all?  Could you see the dirty games of the blame games and the hiding places of lies and untruthfulness among the Chin leaders?


If yes, in order to reshape and change the course of our people to save the future, someone must be hated or even be killed!