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Religion and Politics in Chin Society

Religion and Politics in Chin Society

>(Just for reflection)
>It has been a hot debate and never ending arguement among the western
>politicians, religious leaders, social activists, etc. whether the
>government and the religion sectors are overentangled in dealing public
>issues? Should the Ten Commandments posted in public squars such as at the
>court, school, etc. be removed? Should the teaching of the evolution theory
>or the Bible in school be stopped? Should the government releases the
>public tax money to the religious organization for social and human
>services? Should the religious leaders talk about who would be the best
>candidiate to lead the nation? Should the government regulate the religious
>organizations’ activities, such as fund raising, public gethering, the
>content of their messages, etc? But in the Chin society, as an immature
>society, so far, the Chin social political and religious leaders hardly
>speak such issues publicly.
>Talking all these issues would take us forever, but for the sake of public
>awareness, let me pin point a few things, that could generate destructive
>social evils to the society due to the religious or political movement of
>the contemporary generation. In any public meeting and gethering, mostly,
>as far as my knowledge is concerned, the Chin people used to begin with
>word of prayer. That would be taken as the political and social actors’
>regard to our national religion. However, in the real world, many times,
>the political movement has astrayed from the basic underlining principles
>of the Christianity. On the other hand, the segmentation of the religious
>organizations, the church politics and lack of moral inputs sometimes
>generated social disorder and fragmentation of the social units of the
>society, dividing loved ones and dearests and nearests.
>As a result of the influence of the modern Christianity, and as part of the
>Burmese military regime’s Burman chauvanistic rule, the Chin people’s
>traditional value system had been left out without a proper replacement or
>transition to the modern Christian society that left many in the middle of
>wondering in search of the moral truth of the Chin people’s moral identity.
>Hence, many have taken foreginers’ value and social norms trying to
>integrate with their own self impost rationailization. So now, we, the Chin
>people are in danger of lossing the intrinsic moral quality of our group
>moral trend. Speaking straingt forward, we are in need of moral awakening
>to reframe and pre-condition our own moral path as a respectable and
>honorable group of people.
>If our religious leaders keep going neglecting the negative impact of their
>religious activities, many segments of the society would be fragmented into
>sets of culties, anti social segments, and socially unproductive toward the
>solidarity and enhencement of the social and moral quality of our people.
>For example, while horing the western life style, wearing of red-neck-tie
>and suit on every Sunday morning, if a preacher stands against or neglects
>his or her own people’s tradition values and culture, he or she would be
>contributing toward the drawning of the Chin people’s propreity, and
>deminising the social capital in stead of promoting it. Compared to the
>Biblical Isreal, that would be unbiblical, where the religion of the
>Isrealites were always in support of the the Isreal people’s national
>integrety and socilidarity.
>On the other hand, the politicians and social actors are to be awared of
>going astray from the moral trend of our people while hunting and exploring
>the world’s social and political opportunity to promote the cause of the
>Chin people. Traditionaly, the Chin people had high quality of moral
>principles in dealing with others’ interest and property. Its amazing that
>the jungle wariors of our people, since long centuries ago, have had a
>unique war principles which is comparable to the international human rights
>norms declared as a set of war rules: 1) not to kill women and children,
>not to kill disabled, not to kill prisoner of war, ect. In this modern age,
>many politicians and social actors might not have a chance to meet and talk
>and learn from our elderly ones who had been trained in such a manner of
>moral dignity. Therefore, for the politicians and social activists, it is
>important to quote the underlining moral principles of our national
>religion, Christianity, and give respect and
> place for such values. So that all segments of the society work together
>for the collective good of the society, promoting the happiness of every
>individual in the society.