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Can This Ever happen in Burma?

"The streets were filled with disconnected heads and bodies,
blood stains all over the street walls, the smell of blood and death
bodies invited vultures, every trees along the streets of Rangoon
filled with flesh eaters vultures, wondering dogs discomforted by the
environment, sounds of gun shootings here and there, human groaning
in every street corners, posters written by human blood everywhere,
spoiled vegetables like abandon city everywhere, deadly warning signs
with specific names of politicians and activists everywhere, silence
plus the smell of gun smokes filled everyone's feelings, the sounds
of the early dawn prayers of monks and clerics no longer welcome the
days, no more foreigners, the last white man left the Rangoon airport
early Sunday morning."
> "Not only on Rangoon, but also everywhere; all passengers of a
night bus between
Mandalay and Rangoon were murdered on the way,
Mandalay recalled its bloody history of the ancient Burma kings,
likewise, in villages and in rural areas, more bloody and barbaric
killings everyday,
killing children women animals alike, burning
houses and properties, Muslims, Buddhists Christians killed each
other, ousted MI leader Khin Ngut's follow took revenge like snipers,
Ne Win's relatives and previous followers took revenges cutting necks
after necks, killings become like the favorite game everyone played
in the country everyday. Drugs lord occupied large amount of the
country's financial assets as well as public property,
AIDS and
deadly diseases killed as much as the civil war kills, abandon
country face abandon death every day."
> "Among Non-Burma ethnic areas,
tribal wars everywhere, revenge
took place everywhere, revenge of the underground killings, relatives
of the students and armed group members who were killed by their
fellow armed members in the jungle took revenge, blood blood
everywhere, wars among factions of ethnic groups controlled the whole
phenomenon" so here comes civil wars in the forms of the ancient
> Will/Can this be the future of
Burma, like Iraq, when the SPDC no
longer control the whole system? Just guessing the worst scenario, if
people love to kill as much as words kill characters?

CHin state, the underground armed groups returned, some stationed
in Hakha, others in each respective regional centers, claiming
government authority. Among puplic, some extemists and relatives of
the victims of the killings of the underground armed groups prepare
to take revange, killing begun in form of tribal wars, people
mobilize their tribal sets in favor of their political path whether
to take revange against the armed groups or to acquire the government
authority, killings everywhere, no central government is capable of
intervenning, no civil society is capable of intervenning, almost
every tribe has arned group, so there's the mini civil war."

Can this ever happen in the future of
Chin people?