2006 CHin national Day Message

Chin National Day
Hre Mang
20 February 2004

To day is an auspicious historic day of the Chin people, Chin National
Day, a day in which our forefathers firmly laid down the mainstream
moral and political path for the Chin people. 200 years ago, our
forefathers fought a domestic war and 100 years ago, the British
concurred our homeland introducing the western feudalist administrative
system into the Chin society. 56 years ago, our people declared the
social political reformation that established democratic principles
based on the Chin people’s intrinsic moral character, justice and
equality, abolishing the western feudalism as well as the traditional
divisive domestic political rivalry. Thereafter, our people have firmly
been following the solidarity and moral and political commitment of our
forefathers as one nation, one people. And today, we, the Chin people
celebrate this day as a declaration of our commitment to the principle
our people have laid down and as a proclamation that we the people to
take care of our national course.

Today, our people around the world celebrate our historic day. Young men
and women, old men and women, and little children altogether rejoice the
day, for the God of our people has bestowed matchless blessings upon us.
In spite of the human sufferings endured by our people as the result of
the four decades long military rule, both inside and outside our
homeland, we have gained enormous social and intellectual development.
For example, in North America only, there are more than 130 Chin College
and university students pursuing their higher-level study from college
degree to doctorate level studies, and thousands around the world. Chin
people were well known in their moral character, bravery, honesty and
integrity. We are determined and sincere people. Although we suffer
today under the military dictatorship, we are prepared for tomorrow’s
challenge that we have human intellectual and social political capacity
to take our national cause as our history has placed us.

Historically, not only our people did reformation within the Chin
society but also entered into political engagement with our fellow
nationalities, Burman, Kachin, Mon, and etc. in establishing the Union
of Burma since 1948 in which we formed a union country. Our people’s
commitment was a simple and peaceful coexistence with our fellow
nationalities under one political country based on democratic principles
firmly sealed in the Panglong Agreement. Our people were faithful in
protecting and implementing the agreement they had made and continued to
be faithful even after when the military regime abolished the political
conditional agreement of the formation of the Union of Burma. The Chin
people will continue to be sincere and faithful toward our fellow
nationalities in promoting and restoring a democratic system in the
Union of Burma as laid down by the initial agreement.

As we celebrate this Day, lets all join our souls and put our maximum
efforts to eliminate the contemporary social political evils and faster
the social political development toward peace and prosperity. The
history has placed this generation in a special crucial moment that we
all have responsibility to put our maximum effort for the change of our
national course, to release the oppressed and promote peace and
prosperity in our society. Every individual, religious, social, and
political organization, and corporate we all share this fortune and we
are capable to change this cause for the common good of all. No
individual is fit enough to move the stumbling block, or no one is too
weak to get involved, but this challenge is placed before us that we all
can change the stumbling block and pave the path where all people
regardless to age, gender, race, and social political background will
walk peacefully and harmoniously. That is the dream of our people and
the course of our nation. Today is the day of history and the day of our
declaration and celebration.

May God Bless Chin People