2007 Birth Day Relection

My Xth Birthday Reflections

Xth Birth reflection (2007)

To see time as it is:
To see time as it passes is one of the things I learn thing. I also see a sleeping man always see time as standing tall. To carry things of the past and to let them harm today and tomorrow is one of the most foolish and worthless things people can’t avoid.
Scrutinizing my inside, I discover lots of unwanted fragments the past deposited at the deep bottom of my soul structure that produces no good but being hardwired at the flat wall that enslaved the productivity of my future. It needs strength to pass all that are of the past and push the future with maximum effort, capacity, and energy for a better tomorrow.


There were times when I was intellectually impaired due to the pressure of my wants, extreme zeal and due to the painful force of the life scars but thank God that I was aware of myself being impaired by such my own mental impulses that helped me prevent myself from executing words and actions of maximum stupidity that I might hit the wall of impossibility. That I came to learn the existence of things that can impair human minds and that can foolishly and dangerously employ human capacity to serve self serving interest or even suicidal action of human foolishness, hurting the greater cause of the greater numbers, for the sake of personal greediness and self serving interest. I came to learn that ignorance is the enemy of success and destroyer of the happiness of the ignorant.


When the devil wrestled me and threw me down, I hit my forehead on the floor, stretched out my two hands and cried to God, “Lord, every thing is in your hand and the purpose and end goal of my life is to glorify your name. I know you have purpose in creating me in your own image and saving me by the blood of your Son. I know, the devil can never take away the blessing you have placed before me and the devil cannot also prevent you from accomplishing your purpose in me. The purpose of my existence is to glorify your name.” The Lord heard my prayer.

In times of spiritual battle:
There were also times when my physical body was crushed; I did remember what Job said “My skins cling on my bones.” When I felt like standing at the gate of death village, I did remember what Paul said, “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure” that I thought I was not that far from sharing the pain of their sufferings. But all those times were the best times I ever spent closest with God and when I heard God’s voice the closest ever. So that I can now say, like Paul, “When I am weak I am strong.” Moreover, those were the best times, when I searched myself deepest ever and discovered the untold stories about me and myself.

Mistake and failures:
Failure or mistake at least that of minimum damage is unavoidable, I learnt. People taught me that someone who dares not to make mistake never achieve high. People also taught me that there are people who will always keep my mistakes and failures forever as their best weapons to attack my personality and mission. We all humans are like babies who love to learn how to walk by scrawling and by falling times after times. That there are things to know and no one will ever know them all. Therefore, it is important to me that to try to avoid mistake whenever and wherever possible by careful approach to all walks of life and by utilizing the available resources and knowledge for the maximum benefits and happiness of me and the people I serve.

Criticism and adversary:
There are slanderers, gossipers and the masks at all corners of the world. Many times, I myself was tempted to fall in such lower life line. They will always see and tell the negative aspects of others or even lies with or without purpose or for being addicted to such mouth practices. But I learnt to take all words that are directed to me as tools for learning about myself and my actions and deeds. If their intention is for good, I pay them good credits and if they released their words with ill intention or for being addicted to do so, I would rather pray for them that they might have a better way of seeing things and learning from all sources for their own betterment and happiness. If they lie I would simply watch them, for liars they themselves are the victims of their own lies, the merciless psychological consequences awaited ahead of them. On the other hand, not telling about things when they are deadly gone wrong is moral sin of the timid and the selfish ones. Taking such noble task to prevent one’s fellow human being from committing deadly sins and crimes against the public interest and the people’s happiness is the task of every noble and prudent citizens of our time.

About others:
It is extra ordinary thing, I belief, to see people as God’s images. My mission to others is simple, with the best of my capacity and ability vested in me, to help them attain their maximum potential and highest happiness in life that involve sometimes telling the truth about correct path of life whether spiritual or socio political in nature.

(Among Chins: I want to see that our people achieve their maximum happiness by avoiding painful conflicts and eliminating hatred and social political evils of the days that victimized poor citizens to serve the interest of the foreigners or a few people among the Chins, and by equal distribution of public resources and opportunities with fair and just, reciprocal human relation as brethren of one decent.)

Happy birthday:

It is one of the greatest blessings to know how to always be happy regardless of the world around us.


I value my family.

The Future: I commit to the Lord, Jesus Christ