2006 Birthday reflection

A Brief Reflection

HM: Macrch 8, 2006.

When I was born, I had no idea what my world would stand forGrowing up under the warmest love and care of my parents,Ignorance had helped me bypassed all the evils around meCompetitively growing up in both physical as well as rationalI have come to realize the sense of joy, pain and discontentThere were times when I passed young and ambitious agesThat stimulated mental impulses made me committed for valid reasonsFollowed by a massive contradiction of moral imperatives and real world experiencesIn other words, there were times, when things happened at far opposite corner against human willsSuch time is invaluable, though painful, to learn things beyond normal circumstancesThroughout such learning period, these are a few remarkable feelings:

There were times when I felt like standing at the valley of deathThere were times when I felt like walking thru fires but as though I'm clothed with iron skinsThere were times when I felt like passing thru thorny bushes but as though I have no sense of painIn spite of all, the scars of life made my skins harder and my life more capableI learnt that experiencing things is one thing and being victimized by it is another thingExperiencing pain is the best way to teach about the goodness of healingExperiencing hatred, rejection, and being slandered is a test to one's soul

Experiencing things opposite to one's wills also is a test tool to one's insightAbout all, experience that made me realized my constant need for God becomes my best teacherSeeing one's own self as God sees helps me see God's image in othersSeeing God's power that works in man made clear the vanity of anything that stands on His way That the matchlessness and richness of the universal designer determines a clear meaning of lifeIn spite of all human weaknesses and failures, when I am informed that the purpose of my creatorAnd my designer, in me, is met, my soul wholly content, wanting nothing more than His holy presence.

This is the path my soul has gone thru that I wish all who share the path would enjoy the Way!

May God Bless You