January 6th, 2013: 9:30-11.00 AM,

Zirhtu: Pastor Hre Mang


I.                    Hramthawh: Praise and Worship:  thlacam

II.                  Self-introduction:

III.               Content intro: The God who speaks

1. The God who speaks has authority (Gen. 1:1-3).

2. The God who speaks is merciful to reveal Himself to us (Ex. 3:2-6).

3. The God who speaks gives us tasks (Gen. 1:27-30).

IV.               Team building: 4 teams

V.                  Bible reading:

VI.               Lecture:

VII.             Video: Galaxy/universe

VIII.          Group discussion

 Thusunak pa 10 saang cia in Sunday School zir dingin ra suak aw.

i) Tongkam cu a tongtu in ziangtluk a thupitter?

ii) Pathian cu milai hnenah a phuang aw aw asile milai in ziang tuanvo, tuah ding kan nei?

iii) Khrihfa pawlin Pathian a tong timi an theihfiang taktak ding na zum maw? Ziangruangah?

iv) Pathian a tong asi tiah mi tampi in ziangruangah an zum duhlo asi pei?

v) Pathian a tong, thu a sim asi ti na zum asile Bible thu na hmuh le pomdan le na nitin nunah ziangsi danglamnak in neihter mi?

vi) Pathian in a lo be dah maw? Dunglam thlahnih thum sungah Pathian aw na thei dah maw?

vii) Pathian hnen ihsin ziangvek thlawsuahnak na co mi a um?

viii) Pathian in ziangvek tuanvo a lo pek?

ix) Pathian a tong ti na zum asile a thuthangtha simsin ding duhnak a lo neihter maw? Pathian thu cu midang hnenah theihter duhnak na neih phah maw?

x) Pathian aw fiang sinsin in na theihtheinak ding hrangah Pathian le nangmah karlak daltu ziangvek (sualnak) pawl na tlansan a tul?


IX.                Conclusion