100 Day Collection from Facebook words: June 2011

100 Day collections from Facebook words: June 2011

1.       Words: Hitler was said as afraid of "paper & pen," afraid of written words. God created all things by the Words of His mouth. There's "power of life & death in your tongue"; let it carry life, not death. Choose words that carry life to the hearers, building them up in the likeness of Christ Jesus. Gossiping, slandering, character assassination are nothing but the vices of evils. Be of God, choose life carrying words!


2.        Words: Carry the cross, live with thorns, and you will be crowned: the cross, to put your old dead self crucified; the thorns that nail your hands & legs down on the cross; and the crown of eternal life is yours. When your whole body, hands & legs & tongue are nailed down on the cross, Christ's Spirit can freely move & function in and thru you. When Christ reigns in and thru you, nothing you have to worry, He is the In-charge of your whole being!


3.        Words: Your life problem never exists outside of you; the best way to solve it once for all is to get rid of yourself! How? Put to death, stop living for yourself! Let Christ take total control of you. Stop blaming, complaining, excusing, just crucify that dead self! That's the only way fr problem-free life and to enjoy God & life @ maximum blissful state! God has given the best He has, the only One. Enjoy & praise Him forever!


4.       Words: Have u ever seen a car running on highway that is not made or without with the driver' purpose? No! Nothing exists or functions by itself but everything exists & functions from, by, & for the Creator/Owner, God and anything that fails to meet God's purpose shall be cast down to God's dustbin-hell.


5.        Words: Sovereign God's will determines man's space & time. Blessed are those, whose minds, hearts and wills are totally surrendered to and agreed with God's decisive will and purpose.


6.       Words: God and Satan use both people who hate us and love us; Satan uses to destroy us but God turns all of them for our good! Likewise, Satan uses all experiences to destroy us but God turns them all, whether good or bad, for our good! God even turns Satan's best weapon "death" for our good that for us "to die is gain," that all whatever intended to destroy us, God turns them for our good! Amen.


7.        Words: Christianity is being growing up in personal relationship with God in the likeness of the Son, by being living for Christ thru ministry, each one representing Him in the world. But Satan’s deception, results in group of men building party line, group identity (modern babel), division for socio political & religious gratification, being indifferent. Growing up in the likeness of Christ and in personal relationship with Him matters. Be & grow in Him, with true spiritual worship!


8.        Words: Before honor opposite comes first: David was chased like a thief; Joseph was sold, enslaved, thrown to jail; Jacob ran like a criminal; Moses, disowned by his people for 40 years; and Jesus ran as a refugee and was hang on the cross! We are in the world. So, if you are a true child of God, yours may not be so much different. Be courage, stand firm, God is in control!


9.        Words: One day, a young boy prayed, "Father, help me." God answered him, "Son, I do not have to get involve, without me you can handle it by yourself because your plan is too small". Plan big, pray big, proof big, for God is big and He is the Creator, Owner, and Sustainer of all things. Everything exists by Him, for Him, and in Him.


10.    Words: Never worry how much God can or will bless you! It’s a matter of the container, what and how much it can contain, the owner usually fill it up! Be clean, being transformed by the power of the Word thru fires and waters. Heaven is open, just be a channel of love and blessing to others!


11.    Words: You can burry a lot of troubles digging in the dirt! The most dirtiest, wastes are used to make grow the best plants that bear the best fruits and vegetables! The worst means of the accusers, adversaries, the enemies are used to make God's people grow and bear the best fruits in life! Awful!


12.    Words: Morning Prayer, "Lord, help me prioritize issues in life, according to their important to you, not based on my flesh desires and feelings. Let your will be done in all of me, in my thoughts, words, deeds and in body and soul. I am here to worship you this day, with all I am, thank you Lord."


13.    Words: Morning prayer, "Lord, increase your reign and decrease myself in me. Take the total control of me." Thank you, Lord!


14.    Words: "No thorn no rose." No cross, no crown." "No pain, no gain." None of us is exception, we all are still living in the world. Thorn, cross, pain comes first before rose, crown, and gain! Rejoice in the Lord always!


15.    Words: Love always! Haters will always find reason to hate God's children! If you heal, you are Beelzebub, if you love sinners; you are violating the law, never ending reason to hate you! If you are true believer & the world loves u, Jesus must be lying! But always love, even at the cost of your own reputation and life! Follow Jesus!


16.    Words: Just like eyes reflect the beauty of human soul, a city portrays the collective morale of her citizens. Each generation decides each of their own legacy to pass on to the next generation! Choose yours, what legacy you want to be part of!


17.    Words: A cellphone that can reach none is a waste! A life filled with fear for self and produces nothing good for others is a wasted life. Our life worth is measured not by our possession, fame or gain, self-satisfaction, or by our feeling, but by the fulfilled purpose of our Creator! A life that doesn't live for the purpose of the Creator is a wasted life!


18.    Words: If you have a single candle that can light only for limited time, space, and people, where, when, for whom and what purpose you would light it? Or would you rather hide unlighted? Life is like a candle! For whose delight would you light?


19.    Words: Blessed morning everyone! "NOW" is the time we all share and own! None of us own the past or the future but "NOW" that all wise people enjoy the time "NOW" but the fools always hang on the past or worry about tomorrow! Be a wise one and enjoy "NOW. Because God is with you NOW, not in the past or in the future!


20.    Words: Nobody can please everybody! So, choose who do you please, men or God! Whoever you please, someone will always displeases at you! But if you find favor in God's sight, your whole path shall be shining thru eternity!


21.    Words: When the old self is put to death on the daily cross, along with its nature-flesh desire for pleasures, pride, anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, evil inclination and etc., and as Christ reigns over my whole being, heaven on earth begins, regardless of the circumstances, what the world does or says, that nothing in the world matters but Him alone inside me reigning!


22.    Words: The more I know & see, the closer I walk with my Lord, the deeper my nothingness unveiled, unable to correct the wrongs of my generation & of my own. Except by the grace of God that has given me faith, my life become worthless to keep on that cannot match with the daunting task to heal and reconcile the world to her own Creator! I got to live only by faith alone to enjoy life & fellowship with my Lord!


23.    Words: What a day, we enjoy! Life with the fellowship of the Holy One! Having access to the full riches of Creator of all things in Christ! Love, joy, peace and abundant life in Him!


24.    Words: The purpose of time is to make us grow in the image of the Son of God which will be perfected when eternity begins! Grow in the image of Him! When eternity begins, we shall be like, share His glory, and reign with Him for eternity!


25.    Words: In this critical junction of social evolution and historical wave, the great minds' contribution and intervention is paramount. But people pay attention and utilize social capital to meet the least productive and temporal to society for the benefits of the least number of people! Let's hope & pray that Gof may increase the least to the maximum!


26.    Words: Realized, examined, and controlled self, with submission under divine order and mission, life is at its maximum potential. Full of love, joy, peace, motivated by hope, vision and divinely ordered purpose! The world lacks word to express the whole!


27.    Words: Everything on earth, that are temporary in nature, shall be one day destroyed, but only the word of God; and those who are abide by God's word shall live forever, enjoying God, reigning with the Son!


28.    Words: When in conflict: 1) be right with God; 2) If you are right, be silent, do not try to justify yourself; 3) If you are wrong, repent immediately; 4) keep doing what God has called you to do! God is control!


29.    Words: To test: if one is truly believe in and lean on Christ, going thru logically impossible path; if one is humble, walking below the radar; if one truly love, forgiving beyond reasonable; if one's joy is in God, living without needed means, all experiences peel off the skin of one's soul, to have deeper relationship with and enjoy Him alone.


30.    Words: A pride man's heart is always filled with "I deserve more" attitude. But a humble man's heart always filled with " I do not deserve God's blessing" attitude and always thank God and His people.


31.    Words: The world victimizes millions of her own citizens for the struggle for power and control, whether it be politics, financial, religious, social, or even families, in nature. But Jesus simply let the world controls over his physical body without crossing the line of truth even an inch! Follow the way of Jesus which is real and permanent victory, instead of worldly superficial and temporal control and power on earth.


32.    Words: Anything that occupies the place of the Holy Spirit inside us is an idol for us! Anything that draws away our heart from God, anything that we love more than God Himself is tha means of the devil to defeat us, could be self-righteousness, good work, reputation, materials, etc. Unless He is the number One inside you, He cannot be the second!


33.    Words: For those who live in Christ and in whom Christ lives, there is nothing to worry not to be blessed! But by a careful, sincere, and diligent daily labor as a good steward of God, with a humble heart and a clear conscience, in managing God's given tasks, blessings, and relationship, one enjoys God and life on earth with a certain future that lights path thru eternity!


34.    Words: When one stops living for self, but for the glory of God, serving who God loves and cares, life is full of joy, invincible! How precious is life, God has imparted to us, sharing us His divine nature and the glory of the Son in Jesus! Be a humble servant to share the humble Son's glory!


35.    Words: Today is the Lord's day, "You cannot be too good, not to need to be in the Church, nor too bad, not to fit in the Church." There is the best and only place where the thirst of your soul is quenched, just be there! A place is reserved for you.


36.    Words: Courage to accept and embrace imperfection and vulnerability opens one's own reality self and total honesty to love and expose one's reality maximizes life extent!


37.    Words: True peace is not an absence of violence and cannot be obtained by socio political and economic status, until man's whole structure is re-established to the original state as designed and created by the Designer and Creator! That the gratification of man's flesh desire and outward superficial socio political peace increase the inside structural conflict of man! True peace exists only by being united with the Creator and Owner of man's life!


38.    Words: If you live to serve, there is nothing to worry not to find who to serve or how to serve! The broken world needs people who serve to meet the needs of the people and heal their wounds! Be a humble servant!


39.    Words: How to success in life- do the best with joy whatever you are doing and enjoy what you have. Never be dismayed by what you do not have or anything beyond your control or by what others do! You are given enough to be successful! Believe!


40.    Words: If I were given a chance to choose what kind of God's instrument I wanted to be, I would choose to be a hammer of God, to smash the roots of all evils that deceive and enslave many from enjoying God! That would set all men free, to exercise their divine nature and enjoy God forever!


41.    Words: I asked God, "Lord, I love your people and did everything I can for them. But why people still hate me?" I was impressed as the Father answered me, "Are you better than my Son? Did you love them more then my Son loves them?" The answer stopped me questioning!


42.    Words: My generation is sinking by the flood of polluted knowledge and immorality! I am standing by the side of the river, stretching my hands to reach one at the time by God's help! Aw, help me Lord!


43.    Words: Being created in image of God, we are endowed with limitless divine capacity. But we are limited by human reasoning when we depend on it, instead of depending on the practice of divine nature within us! So choose to live by divine nature, not by human reasoning and feeling that form rotten opinion and perception! In Christ, we are partakers of divine nature!


44.    Words: Lord, please do not bless me too much, but just only whatever necessary for your glory, means to accomplish my assignments on earth. As long as you live in me and I in you, that’s more than enough for me! Your holy presence makes everything possible. I am just an instrument of worship!


45.    Words: Whose interest occupies the most in your life, yours, of God or of the devil? Who do your thoughts, words, deeds and action please the most? The answer tells you who is your master! No one can serve 2 masters! Choose yours, God or yourself! Choose God, you will live!


46.    Words: Beware of Satan's bait: to make you angry, envy, unforgiving, zealous, bitter, hateful, unhappy, discontent, complaining, sensual, sinful, disobey, that all of those are just shadow. You are given all whatever needed for you to live a godly live to please your Creator/Master.


47.    Words: I love my enemies who slander, gossip, try to assassinate my character, and prevent me from any potential. For they all are parts of God's tools to make me up who I am today in Christ. They all make me experience Jesus words "Love your enemies and pray for them," as I do love & pray for them! Make sure you do as well!


48.    Words: A fool doesn’t enjoy what he has but always longing for what is missing; never complete his own assignment but always complaint others'.


49.    Words: There are three stages of life: life inside mother's womb, life on earth, and life after death which will last for eternity. Nothing we decide inside mother's womb, some on earth and no more chance for change in life after death. So, choose the best while on earth, and the rest, God determines!


50.    There are parts of you: i) things you & others know, ii) you only know, iii) you don’t know but others know, iv) you or others don’t know, but God knows all of your whole being. Things you don’t know can hurt you. Therefore, trust God and his people to take care of things you don’t know; if you try to save by yourself, you surely loss it. “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.”


51.    Happy Easter to you all! Life is ok now, for Christ has risen from dead that the greatest weapon of the enemy is defeated! Be free and enjoy God and life forever, since from the walk of this life on earth to eternity! Amen!


52.    Words: The devil wants 100% to despise you and me, but God wants to bless you and me! Some people join God, but others the devil! When we bless others we join God but when we despise others, we are joining the devil! Simple! Always join God!


53.    Words: Jesus was foretold & miraculously born, He healed the sick, the lame, the blind, and raised the dead, changed water into wine, and was divinely echoed from heaven. When He was crucified, the earth shaken, darken and the temple garment tore into parts, the dead raised and finally He himself rose again from dead. But many do not still believe in Him. But we do and we live in Him, He in us!


54.    Words: When someone or something you love is missing, tell God you enjoy Him without those blessings. For Christ enjoys paying all your debt on the cross without those blessings. He pays all your debts, those of your inherited debts, your life time debts all at once. So, Jesus expect you to love Him without any of the things your heart desires, blessings.


55.    Words: The world measures our worth by wealth, popularity, association, level of satisfaction, contribution to society, etc. But God does measures us by His purpose in the Son, whether one is responding to God according to what is given! Be yourself and response to God according to the working of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ. God expects nothing more than He has given us!


56.    Words: There is part of me, that I don't know which God hates it, people hate it, and even the loved ones hate it that I can’t help myself. But when I realized Christ doesn’t care it and paid all my debts on the cross, I can't help myself not to love and serve Him. And I waited so long to get rid off it (the old self) when I see my Lord f2f. Awe, what a wonderful day that will be!


57.    Words: Total spiritual freedom begins with being born of God, total surrender and submission to God, daily crucifixion of self on one's own cross, total abiding in God's word, and by the total reign of the Holy Spirit in daily life! It's so precious, powerful but humbling, joyous and is heavenward.


58.    Words: Circumstance doesn't determine who we are and our future but it proofs who we are. We don’t have to struggle to control the circumstances but we must control ourselves and allow the free flow of the wind. The severity of the circumstances we undergo simply tells the greatness of our reward. Christ's suffering on the cross proofs the ultimate endurance of the Son of God.


59.    Words: We have nothing to boss except the cross of Christ, where we have been crucified with Christ and where the power of God displayed by taking the severest power of the evil one, even death, and turning it as a tool to save mankind. For us, in Christ, the worst the evil one can do is turned as gain! Be strong, there's nothing to compare the power of our Lord Jesus Christ who lives within us in Spirit.


60.    Words: Dears, if the world hates you, be joyful; for that proofs that Jesus' word is true that you are not of this world. But if the world loves you; either you or Jesus must be a liar! While, Jesus cannot lie, the liar is sure! If the world takes away anything from you, God can and will give you more than the world can take away from you! But make sure you love Him as your most!


61.    Words: Praise God; when you praise God, your spirit is connected to Him. But when you complain, murmur, slander and gossip, and do evil thing, your spirit is connected and illuminated by the evil spirit, who always waits to prey your soul! Be connected to the Holy and only God, who is restoring you in the image of His Son!


62.    Words: When believers totally surrender to God and totally abandon the world principalities, we are brutally vulnerable to the world; just like, Jesus on the cross, Joseph to the hands of his brethren and Pontifer's wife, Paul to the hands of the Romans and the Jews, and earlier Christians to the Romans. Know your vulnerability but never defense yourself by using the world principalities. God is our refuge and defense.


63.    Words: God is not interested in learning from you, how bad are the people around you! He already know them and so gave His only begotten son. Telling Him and repeating to others is like, at the pleasure of the devil, mocking God! God's interest is to change you and make you world changer for people around you! Would you please God or the evil one, that’s your choice!


64.    Words: Beside the cross, for Jesus, one of his most difficult sufferings may be, knowingly, without hate or partiality for three years, calling someone (Judas), and teaching, eating, walking and talking with him, living in peace, blessing and loving him, who would eventually betray Him, slander, gossip, sell Him for money. Jesus said, "Follow me"! If we follow Him, we love all, but hate only evil!


65.    Words: Why the fathers and heroes of our faith, such as Abraham, Jacob, David, Samson, Paul, Peter, had to fail that the world had enough reason to mock at us? That’s one thing I want to know when I am in heaven! May be to make sense the sweetness of the song "Amazing grace"..."that saves a wretched man like me.”


66.    Words: The good thing about serving in the Lord's vineyard is that He pays not based on hour or numbers, or productivity; e.g. He pays an hour labor equal to the whole day work; counts a penny as more than a million. The pay is totally at His will. Nothing to worry, what the laborer has/not, can/not or what others say. It's totally free from pressure! Owe, the best Boss I ever serve and will only serve forever!


67.    Words: A man pray, "lord, give me, give me...I want.”. God answers, "I am interested in changing you, to make you want and enjoy what I want and enjoy and to make you live for the purpose I made you. Stop asking but just live for my purpose."


68.    Words: Contrast between Christ's nature and man's: Christ emptied himself in humility, while man puffed up in pride. Findings: most people think they are better than others; incurable sin hidden at the bottom of human soul is pride. Discovering our corrupted human nature makes the song sweeter, "Amazing Grace" that saves "a wretched man like me."


69.    Words: The world wants to control as many people as possible thru you; but God wants you to control yourself by crucifying it on the cross every day! Are you still trying to control others and your circumstances, you are running yourself as a living machine of the world! Be self-controlled, submitting your whole being under the total control of the Holy Spirit! Achieve the most!


70.    Words: To keep one's own conscience clear before God & man, at all cost, one has to pay the price! For being imprisoned by one's own guilt, by a condemned heart, for violating the known divine guidance, man brings curse upon himself that keeps one from freedom to enjoy God and life! Be free! Let's enjoy Him forever!


71.    Words: To stand at distance from one's own self/ life and see the ongoing drama of one's own life and laughing out loud over it, that is a gift of humor! Not being enslaved by one's own circumstances but stand free from it, keep a clear & sound mind, doing everything out of a clear conscience, that's a kind of life true believer lives on earth. Total spiritual freedom in Christ, above all circumstances & evil skims. Enjoying the fellowship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


72.    Words:  David saw Goliath as a giant opportunity which he cannot miss and Jesus saw the darken & hateful world as a field of opportunity. The way you see your world determines your attitude, thoughts, words, deeds and of course, your destiny, which shall bring you the exact reward. Its your choice today! Shake off the dust of yesterday and of the evil dirt, and choose to shine upon your world, let Jesus shine through you! Amen


73.    Words: Another day is gone! Whatever your day, this is your test; your greatness by humility, spirituality by love, success by purpose, and your worth by the price paid for you that is the Son of God! All men are equally priced by God that He paid the same price for all of us, great or small, rich or poor, the blood of His only Begotten Son for everyone! You are so precious in the eyes and heart of God.


74.    Words:  Good morning everyone! It’s a new day with new blessings! Hope you all choose the best thoughts, attitude, words and actions as channel of love and blessings for many! Let’s shine and reflect the light of the Lord to our world around us, representing Him to whoever we interact face to face or otherwise today! Do your best whatever you can and He will take care of the rest! By conforming into His image, we glorify Him!


75.    Words: “You cannot spell the word "God", "good", "Gospel", "good Christian" without the word "go", said someone. Without "going" per (Mathew 28:19-20), a Christian is just a spectator, coach potato, who tries to channel his soul to heaven by being a good spectator, by taking the advantage of Christian association, and by hiding his real spiritual identify among the mass. Are you a true disciple of Christ (John 8:31)? Go, ye brother!


76.    Evening prayer: Thank you Lord, for the day and everything in it! Let all the good things glorify your name and thank you for your forgiveness over our sins and failures today! As the day past and will never repeat again, Lord, help us leave the past behind and never let it kill our future! Thank you so much for working in us, which experience the world cannot give or buy, that satisfies the thirst of our souls. Amen


77.    Word of pray:  Lord, please take away from me anything that hinders your work in and thru me. For the praise of your glory. Amen!


78.    Words: In the war with the evil one, winning strategy is very simple: spend no wrestling, no weapon, no energy, no tricky ideas or resources! Then what? Just resist him and praise God! Simple! Even the weakest and poorest believer is a winner! Because our enemy is a defeated foe! Just walk in the light, walk low, walk love, and walk humbly with God!


79.    Words: More than 20 years ago, as a least student soldier, I was politically blind but my impartial love for my people led me walked thousand miles. After 20 years of painful experiences, now as a naive & least soldier of Christ, I am denominationally & doctrinally blind but my Love for Christ & His children motivated me commit my whole life to serve, doing a little thing every day. The cost? Friends, association, and whatever it is, I am to pay! The task? He will finish thru me!


80.    Words: The greatest discovery for man is knowing God and His will. That knowing God and His will lights the whole path of man throughout eternity. What a wonderful discovery and revelation is this that knowing where all thing holds together unleashes human soul from never ending quest for meaning and gratification. At the palm of all knowing God, a little creature is at total rest, relying on all powerful divine!


81.    Words: There are two kinds of people on earth: the people of the kingdom of God and of Satan. God uses the power of light and love to establish His kingdom in the hearts of the people. At the opposite direction, Satan uses the power of darkness and hatred to rule over the hearts of his people. By emptying themselves, God's people share the divine nature, love and light. God exercises love and light thru His children.


82.    Words: Missing from the pew: Years ago 3 families, and now 8 families left our church. And as a pastor, when church members are missing from the pews, it pierced my heart. Then the Lord spoke to me, "Nothing you paid for them. My heart was pierced when I bought them on the cross. How much more painful it would be if anyone of them be missing in heaven?" "Ah, Lord" I said! There are many more in the world, who Christ loves and paid the price for them! Who will go?


83.    Words: Like Paul was in jail, I would say I am in chain that something holds me back from doing what I am heavily impressed to do. I know God has not given me this burdens in vain that He impressed me with the mission which I cannot do by myself! So, instead of trusting my own ideas & strength, I put my flesh to death to let Him work in and thru me! If it's your case today, let Him freely do the work in & thru you. Amen.


84.    Words: For God's children, loving something more than God always returns with painful consequences! I did love my people & committed my whole life to change the cause of my people and God proves me the consequences of my choice. But God still uses my mistake to humble me down to earth, restructuring my whole foundation of life in His Son! Dear friends, whatever you choose, God still loves you & wants you to love Him most!


85.    Words: Religious people worship a distance god(s) and act as though there were no God; but Spirit filled people walk humbly with God on earth, interacting, talking, having intimate fellowship with God! As long as one is humbly walking with God, there is nothing that can take away one's joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, success, victory and destiny! How precious we have God's provision in Christ!


86.    Words: If God allows to happen in your life, do not rush to hinder, let the Holy Spirit has His way! Whether it be good or bad, feel good or hurt, God turns all things for good for His children! Praise Him even in a midst of fire or blessings! Everything is under His control! Be peace with Him and enjoy His holy presence! Expect to discover the deeper and priceless truth and blessing in Him!


87.    Words: Since I was in college, 19, 20 years old, I committed my life to cause change, to set our people free! But now, the spiritual burdens for our people pressured my soul! For the rest of my journey on earth, I committed all things to the Lord that He is in-charge of my life mission. Likewise, you all too, be at peace in the Lord, cast your burden unto Him, He will take care of your life on earth and finally take you to the eternal home!


88.    Words: The goodness of things we don't like is that it humbles us! All things that happen to us every moment are for our good, it's a matter of how we react and decide! Like a body builder lifting heavy object over and over again, when life is challenged, that's opportunity to grow! That God wants to show us things we never saw and lead us to a place where we never been! Be courage, peaceful, calm and be filled with joy, being controlled by the Holy Spirit.


89.    Words: Everyone is tested if she/he is a true follower of Christ by God's standard of love, humility, and righteousness, not by religious doctrine, activities, or association. God cannot co-exist with sin, hatred, pride, lies, strife, division, etc. such sins against God's attributes! Let the light of the Lord shine upon you and let you walk in te light! On this day, Lets exalt, glorify and enjoy Him even more!


90.    Words: Just like the way you can make a child cry or laugh by playing with a little candy, the devil may make you cry or laugh by causing your circumstance change, up and down, good or bad, but never live by your feeling! God's righteous children live by faith! Faith in unshakable foundation in Christ! That Christ can never be moved by circumstances! Amen!


91.    Evening words: As the day gone, let all the bad memories, ill feelings, discontentment be left behind and all the good credits and glory be unto God! Be restful that a day labor is enough for a day and let us retake our re-birth-rights in Christ, to enjoy life, grow and exercise our blessed position as a new creation in Christ! All we have is His and all His divine resources are made accessible for us in Christ.


92.    Words: Whatever comes today on your way, although the devil may try to punch you down, God will always turn it for your good! The harder the devil’s punch, the greater God’s power will be released. It’s just a matter of you agree with God. Life is a battle ground; it’s between God and the evil one and God wins all the times. So abide in Christ, you walk in the path of victory and the crown is for you!


93.    Evening words: As the day is closing in, we all come to the conclusion of the gap between our expectation and the reality of life for today; it's a matter of the blessedness of enjoying the reality of life that really make sense of all experiences. I hope that by enjoying God, we all escape from the torture of human wants and feelings! Life is best with God!


94.   Pray: On this day, Lord, do thy will thru and in me and glory unto YOU in all things! May the world acknowledge and fear your holy presence! Amen!


95.    Good morning all! May God's blessing flow out through you on this day! Let Your thoughts, attitude, words, actions and influence be holy and be channels of blessing for many, to make our world better, drawing all things closer to the Owner of all things! Let's enjoy our fellowship with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit!


96.    Evening words: As the day gone, we all come one day closer to our grave, whether the day been joyous, painful, hurtful, joyful, and fruitful or else, none of us can take it back! Praise God for His goodness and give glory unto Him that He may bring us another day tomorrow!
Wishing you all a better tomorrow! May God bless you all!


97.    Words: Make sure you guard your mind, mouth, ears and eyes today that you are not wrongly influenced! And remember this; you are responsible only for your own decision, not others'; your thoughts, words, and actions that everyone will answer before God according to his or her own decision! Others' decision never causes God change His mind and plan for you! It's all between you and God!


98.    Words: Without purpose, nothing has value in itself that anything that fails to meet the purpose of its own existence become destructive or waste! Your creator has a great purpose for you that make you invaluable, priceless to God that He gave you His begotten Son, Jesus to redeem you from failing to meet the purpose of your existence! You are so precious in the eyes and heart of your Creator!


99.    Words: Good morning all! Be happy and make sure you enjoy what you have and never worry about what you don't. Take responsibility for your own action and never worry about others'. Make sure your words deliver the intended good messages to the hearers! Life on earth is short that there is no time for whining but to enjoy God and His presence while doing His life assigned task! Amen!


100.                         Q: Are you leading others toward good or bad? Some people, by their actions and word, attitude lead others toward worse and some toward good! By having you, do they become what? Love God, people, and grow spiritually, mentally and morally? Or the other way around? Are they growing in the likeness of the Son of God or in the likeness of Satan? That tells you whose child you are, the child of God or of Satan! God has chosen you to be a channel of His divine messages, the truth of love, peace and joy! Be who your creator wants you to be and the way He designed your life! Represent Him on earth!


 Peaceful intimate personal relationship with God gratifies the desires of human spirit and that results peace within and with others as well!


May God Bless you to enjoy your fellowship with Him even more!